Tuesday, September 30, 2008

work angst, potentially dangerous train incident

I was back at work today, struggling with a head cold (and possible stomach flu -- I'm waiting and watching). All was going fine, I was a tiny bit tired but in an overall okay mood. I brought chocolates from Ghirardelli for the office (this is an unwritten office rule -- if you go on vacation you must bring back a treat. A coworker had been to Edmonton so she brought back maple cream sandwich cookies).

Next thing you know, a bit after lunch we're called into a sudden meeting. The head boss tells us our coworker has been let go. She's gone; already off the premises. This was for nothing she had done and (allegedly) nothing to do with the budget, but simply because they want our internet presence to go in a different direction and they didn't feel her skills were what they needed.

We were all in shock, and none of us had any clue this would be coming. It's a tiny office and another person had been let go two weeks ago. THAT one was expected; he had been here less than a year and was generally considered not up to the job. Today's layoff happened to a woman we all liked a lot, someone whom I considered a highly responsible employee, a hard worker, and just a very nice person. Guess that's just not enough when you need to make changes.

I went back to my desk, immediately called her cell phone to offer support. Sigh. Wonder what's coming next...

After work, the 1 train was already on the platform as I was descending the stairs from 116th Street. I rushed to the nearest open door, and the doors began to close as I pushed through. Somehow, my glasses got knocked off. The doors reopened just then, maybe because of motion of my arm trying to grab the glasses. They fell and skidded toward the gap between the platform and the car.

There would be no saving them...

Now, these are not just reading glasses; I am extremely nearsighted and would barely be able to see my way home, not to mention the cost of replacement.

I ducked and snatched at them. They were right at the gap. I snagged them! The door was closing again, and bumped my head as I was standing back up. But I was inside the car, standing back up, glasses in place, breathing a little heavy. People were watching. I think I'd heard someone mutter, "Oh my god." (But it might have been me). There was nothing to say. That was a close call. A trim-bearded gentleman across the car from me who had witnessed this debacle raised his eyebrows to me, as if to say, "You were damn lucky!"

I raised my eyebrows back at him, responding with an unspoken, "You're telling ME?"


Funny Brat Girl's Spanking Adventures said...

Wow Sandy!! Sounds scary!! I was so sad that I missed you and Rad in NY this past weekend...YES, you read correctly...I went to NY this past weekend and to the DVS spanking party in PA! In case you didn't know...FBG gets around!! LOL!! But I'm coming for Jules party so I'll see you and Rad then I hope!!

I'm glad you two had fun at Folsom! I almost went and vended with a friend of mine, but just couldn't pass up the trip to NYC!!

~maria fbg~

LauraT said...


So glad you are ok.

Sorry about things being chaotic at work. I hope things smooth out at some point. Working with a boss who makes "interesting" decisions is just not fun. Been there, done that and am thankfully past that.

Enjoy paddles this weekend.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Maria -- you were on the East Coast? Darn it! Come back! Yeah, we can't wait to see you in Dec.

Laura -- when are YOU coming east? As far as work, it will all work out one way or another.

LauraT said...


I wish I knew. We need to win the lottery (like everyone else).

We did get to see Dolly and Jon last week, which was great fun and a huge treat.

If NYC didn't cost an arm and a leg... it would be a great place to visit. I hear ya got good bagels there!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

It's not THAT expensive. And you can stay with us. Um. If you behave...