Monday, September 15, 2008

Drop your pants

I had a support group meeting on Sunday evening and when I got home, Rad teased me about whether I'd discussed with the group the marks still showing on my bottom from Saturday's play.

I was wearing shorts, so I promptly unbuttoned them and began to peel them down. "Yeah, this is what I did. I stood up and shared all about my punishment on Saturday." I wagged my bare bottom around at him, as if THAT was what I was doing with my group.

Rad started laughing. "Of all the women I've dated over the years, you're the only one who lets her bottom 'erupt' out of her pants at a moments notice." That sounded rather disgusting.

"'Erupt'? I'm 'erupting'? Oh, so your exes were all so prim and proper?"

"Yes. They were REFINED ladies."


"I barely saw most of them fully naked." Hey, not MY problem they had sexual hang ups! I knew his ex just before me didn't walk around naked.

I do admit nudity is not an issue with me, at least not any more. I used to worry about my body and its imperfections a lot more when I was younger. Didn't WANT anyone seeing me naked then. Now I don't care.

It's not like I walk around naked ALL the time -- I don't; I get too cold. I almost always wear t-shirts and panties to bed. I just like to exercise the option when it's practical (coming out of the shower, etc.) And sometimes I just like to flash my butt.


Indy said...

For some reason, the "bottom eruption" line has me thinking that there must be a really bad SciFi movie scene to be made in which everyone runs/flies their spaceship in a panic away from the erupting alien bottom.

For all I know, there already is one.

A.S.S. said...

lol... "bottom eruption" is an interesting way to put it. Very cool that you're happy with your body and don't stress about being naked. Do you think being a spanko led to that... or was it something else?

Todd and Suzy

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Indy: "Attack of the Fifty-Foot Wide Butt"?

Todd and Suzy: not a very flattering term, eh? Oh, yes, my body image has improved tremendously since being out in the scene. When people like to spank you in spite of an ample butt, it tends to make you feel better about said butt.

Brian said...

Erupt away!

Besides I like bottoms that have some room to work with.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Well, it IS one way to ask for a spanking!