Thursday, September 4, 2008

Addendum on SL

I had neglected to mention others whose company I enjoyed this weekend: Brad (and good sport wife Cindy) of Maryland, M&K of Colorado, Dolores of San Fran, Jersey John, Andrea from Texas, Denise from NJ, Carolyn from Arizona, Jim and (the other) Sandy, BobDJ, Arthur, Tara, Danny the Salsa King, Mick/Santa Spanker, Richard Windsor of NY, Bailey of Colorado, Mija and Pablo, Jenny (Miss Chris' sub), Fireman Chris and Sparkle, Mike/River/Dana/ Sam and other bad boys, Ian and Laura, Andrew the photographer, HL and Sass, The Mike formerly known as New Mike, Cat, Naxie, Mir, Matt, James and Angie from the UK, and George from Santa Cruz.

Bonus party moment. If you know George you will appreciate this more. Paul and I were down in the casino close to 2:30 a.m. Monday morning talking with George. Someone or all of us used the "S" word one too many times before we realized that some gamblers were playing slots right behind us. I think I kind of pointed with my elbow in their direction, to hint that we should be quieter.

"Oh!" George said. "That was MOST indiscreet!"

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