Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dreams -- do they mean anything?

Having weird dreams lately, since just before and after the Shadow Lane party. First I dreamed I was in a Stephanie Plum novel (Janet Evanovich) and I WAS Stephanie Plum, but for some reason I was working as a supermarket cashier. Then I dreamed I was hanging out with Erica Scott, her boyfriend J., and some other SL characters. I think we were making a spanking movie, but the details are hazy.

Then I had a mini-nightmare. The other night, just after falling asleep, I dreamed Rad and I were on the highway on our way to work. I believe we were on the Cross Island Parkway, in the right lane, about to exit onto the Grand Central. Traffic was heavy but was moving at a fast enough pace. There was an SUV in front of us.

Suddenly the driver's side door of the SUV opened. I saw the driver (who was dressed in black) start to lean out of the car, like he was about to jump out. Was he going to kill himself? We were RIGHT behind his car and there were cars to the left. He was going to get hit, smashed, at the very least bounced around. We were going to hit him! And other cars were going to hit us. I saw him lean further out ... I screamed, "NO! FUCK!" ... started to brace myself ... and then I woke up.

I shook myself off, glad it was only a dream. Got up to use bathroom, then finally fell asleep again. The dream did not return.

Since our car accident in May, I've had one or two flashbacks. Was this a sort of flashback? Does this reflect a part of my own life? Is someone in my own life crying out for help? Do dreams mean anything? It's disturbing.


LauraT said...

I have odd dreams as well sometimes. Some are like espionage thrillers. Some are disturbing. There are some that I have forced myself awake as they were so odd.

I don't know if you are takinmg melatonin for sleep. I know that I used that for awhile and had some really bizarre dreams.

Some people get big into dream interpretation. I don't know if they mean anything or not. I remember recurring dreams from when I was young and one odd one with Elvis and a helicopter. I was in my teens. What the heck could that possibly mean?

I'm really sorry about the nightmarish one. That would have freaked me out.

Anonymous said...

I have read some of the great psychologists, who say that all that matters with a dream is how you felt in the dream.

I have had disturbing dreams that act as alarm clocks - even at the tail end of these dreams I think to myself "I've got to stop this now"

Brian said...

I dreamed last night I was driving in New Jersey... talk about a nightmare!