Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good attitude adjustment

I had a full afternoon and evening of spanking and punishment yesterday. Woke up this morning very sore -- in a good way, of course. Really got what I needed. I am sitting on a padded office chair now, but we are heading to Barnes and Noble shortly for coffee and those wooden benches are going to be tough!

Started off in the early afternoon by hooking up with B. I was moody and emotional in the morning and almost canceled my visit because of my emotions (part of it was that time of the month; I always get down just before and/or the first day). I was glad I didn't cancel, because we were able to talk a little beforehand, and the severity of the session got me out of that mood. B. gave me a long bare-bottom paddling with a leather paddle, then a caning. It was extremely hard, delivered in sets, mostly of ten strokes each. He ended up giving me 125 strokes.

Later, at Paddles, it was OTK night. Rad really gave it to me good, using a strap, cane, riding crop, the leather carpet beater, his hand, and a wooden paddle. (Did I miss anything?) He said I was out of control with my angry blog last week and I had to control myself. I agree, and I'm already working on that.

I got topped by several more people, especially my switch friend, B. (different B.). I still needed punishment, and told B. that. He got REALLY tough with me and used about ten different implements. I had a hard time staying still for it, but he made me. We ended with a caning, then a paddling with a wooden paddle. Damn!

I am going to work on my attitude. I'm ALREADY working on my attitude. I swear! Ask Rad!


Brian said...

I have to say Sandy that I'm still wrapping my mind around how much you can take and not break. I can write fiction but to read about real life is a bit different.

The key to the temper is to defuse before it gets to the point of anger. Punishment may clear the sinuses but the root cause is still there. My question to you is, what are you missing from your life that is spurring your fury?

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

hm. I'm not sure...

Indy said...

I agree with Brian about how much you can take, Sandy, but I don't agree with the psychoanalysis.

People can be angry for all sorts of reasons and we all have to find our own ways of dealing with it. It's hard work, but worth it, mainly because feeling angry all the time isn't much fun.

I'm glad Saturday was a good time and hope this week is easier.