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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off to the wild west!

A quickie post here before we head out for the airport. Rad and I are off to San Francisco today for a full ten days of vacation. This is I think our first real vacation since our honeymoon; we've taken a lot of long weekends over the past year or so (somehow they seem to revolve around spanking parties) but not a full week or more. We are going to drive south to Big Sur this afternoon, where I want to see the Henry Miller museum (I'm a big Henry Miller fan), and do some hiking in what is said to be a very gorgeous area. Sunday we'll drive up to Santa Cruz and spend a day there. We are not avoiding our spanking "roots" entirely as we're having dinner with some SL folks in Santa Cruz.

On Monday we drive to San Francisco to stay for a week. We rented a studio apartment through that is in the heart of the city and cost less than half what a hotel would have. We have no itinerary except for a tour of Alcatraz on Thursday night, and, oh, yeah, we're going to the Folsom Street Fair next Sunday (again meeting SL folks for tour guides).

Our cab arrives in about 15 minutes so I'm signing off. Will try to blog periodically during the trip.


LauraT said...

Have a great tine, Keep an eye out for signs advertising things like Primal Scream Therapy.

Alcatraz was cool in that creepy cool kind of way. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

iggy said...

Have a great vacation!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks! But first of all, I have to correct things, because this is NOT our first vacation since our honeymoon, we went to Colorado last year. I am losing it...