Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sky is falling, but I'm practicing patience

Sometimes patience pays off. The first R train pulled into Steinway Street station at about 8:17 a.m. packed to the gills. Ugh, no! Could I afford to wait? Would I regret waiting? I stayed on the platform. A few people had moved off the platform bench to the train, so I grabbed a seat, finished my Starbucks coffee, scanned the NY Daily News heads. Banks were failing, stocks were falling, and so was the sky in NY. More glass falling out of skyscrapers onto the streets. Bank of America building, ironically. I was unable to find the link, but here's the story:

"A real pane in midtown
"A glass panel on the Bank of America skyscraper in midtown fell more than 50 stories onto the street below and shattered, but no one was injured. General contractor Tishman Realty & Construction says no work was taking place at the site where the glass fell. The cause is bing investigated. A similar incident at the building in August injured two people."
(Story from August says three people)

This is not funny. Again, it's in the block near where I wait for my bus home. 6th Avenue, from 42nd to 43rd (or maybe 44th), was closed. From 6th Avenue, our bus had to turn right onto 42nd, left on 5th, fight traffic and swing up 46th back to 6th to continue its route. The delay was annoying, but, I'm really worried about the reason. How much more greed and graft and cutting corners are we going to see in the city and in the country? I see greed as the primary reason for the stock market plunge and the economic mess we are in. I see the windows falling as directly related. Cheap putty? Cheap labor? A little something slipped into the pockets of someone to keep inspectors away? And the CEOs walk away from it all with a golden parachute while the rest scramble for part-time jobs at Barnes and Noble? Defenestration from the towers of finance with NO parachute this time! I didn't say that. I would NEVER advocate violence!

I like what columnist Michael Daly had to say this morning, too:

Oh, so, yeah, my patience DID pay off. The next R train didn't take that long to arrive, and I got a door spot with no one touching me! Fantastic.

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