Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday 22: Decoded

(for info on Flash Fiction Friday, see supplicium post mortem)

His door was unlocked. I found him in his leather chair, smoking and watching a DVD. Keanu Reeves was moving in slo-mo. It was too warm.

"The Matrix again?" I said. "And what happened to your air conditioner? It's fucking hot in here."

He’d been reading: "Cryptography and Steganography: Hidden Messages." There was a notebook with numbers and repeated letters. Cryptography? Hidden messages? With me, there was no secret code: I was crazy for him.

"The air conditioner’s broken. Deal with it." His voice was cold. "Get over here and get on your knees." So I wasn't getting a kiss. In fact, his look seemed contemptuous. My knees felt weak, and I was scared. I hesitated and thought, Is he playing?

I took too long. He was up out of the chair, striding over and grabbing my hair while undoing his pants. He dragged me over, pushed me down and yanked out his cock. He shoved it into my mouth, hard. I gagged, then settled down.

"Isn't this why you're here, Slut?" I glanced up. He exhaled smoke at me, and then slapped my face. "Get me off." Another slap. Tears filled my eyes as my pussy contracted with desire. Yes, this was why I was here. He would slap me more, probably beat me. We'd probably fuck for a long time.

Later we'd get lovey-dovey. Maybe he’d explain this code thing. Right now, there was nothing cryptic about what he wanted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

FFF: The honor of your presents is requested

Today first Flash Fiction Friday challenge (from The Daily Toast):

“But I DO know my place!” The argument continued inside while I waited, facedown. I’d merely tried to protect my employer’s reputation. But he wouldn’t listen.

“You, miss, are not my teacher!” he’d barked. After one more attempt at defending myself – while I nervously folded one napkin repeatedly – he’d cut me off and ordered me to my room.

It wasn’t fair! The embarrassing misspelling of “presence” in his party invitations would now remain uncorrected because of his arrogance. I would be caned for trying.

I sighed. Good thing I like caning.

I hoped his guests brought lots of presents …

Friday, September 4, 2009

SL Part II

Posted on the SL message board earlier: "Top reason to go to SL? -- It's a female bottom's dream. Where else could you find so many great tops all in one location? Sigh. Love you guys...."

Oh, yes, getting some good, quality play in. Just finished with L. from Michigan, who went MUCH tougher on me than I expected -- I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't ask permission yet to post names, so if it's okay with him I'll update blog later.

Also getting some good, quality "bonding" time in with friends. D. of D.&G. took me to a spa she used to go to in Vegas when she lived here a few years ago. She got a waxing, I got a facial ... an incredible, mind-blowing facial with a head massage, an arm and hand massage and I can't even tell you what else because I was in la-la land. It made up for yesterday's disaster of a manicure/pedicure -- oh, and if anyone's going to the spa in the hotel, I don't recommend pedi/manis there. Sorry...

I'm being very touchy/feely this weekend ... OK, don't get any ideas. I'm talking shoulder rubs, foot rubs, etc, among friends. Sat behind K-L on the couch at last night's suite party and just rubbed her shoulders and head for a while. It just felt good to do it, and she seemed to like it.

Later I'll probably have some SERIOUS play. Rad and I will have to have a good session, as well. He spanked me in public last night for blowing raspberries on his tummy. Guess he doesn't like that or something?

It's all good!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shadow Lane Part I

Wasn't able to blog for a few days, what with work and last minute preparations for SL. So I have a few quiet minutes to catch up now.

We arrived in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon, hopped the free shuttle from the airport to the Suncoast, and were checked in within minutes. Arriving on Wednesday gave us a little peace and quiet before the throngs arrived. I love seeing old friends, but when everyone is arriving at once it can be someone disconcerting and overwhelming, at least to me. We'll deal with that later.

We hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before, so after unpacking, we promptly did the old fart thing and took naps. A wise move. I had a session planned with R. on Wednesday evening and I going to need the energy.

R.&J. and T.&E., two other couples who are good friends, were also there early. I don't know who else from SL was at the hotel; we didn't see anyone else. We all had a casual dinner at Cafe Sienna.

Later R. and I went to HIS room while his wife J. stayed and played with Rad in our room. That worked out well. R. had plotted an angry dad scene. And it worked out perfectly ... he punished me for being irresponsible and getting a tattoo. I got a good hard paddling and a belting for that, while he yelled at me and lectured me. I LOVE that kind of scene. Last time we'd played, at Florida Moonshine, I was so into the "insolent teen" role that I made him work extra hard -- it was more of a "take-down" scene as a result.

This time, I was more nervous. At first I tried to talk my way out of the punishment, but he slapped my face (note: this is consensual, and something that turns me on) a few times and yelled at me to shut up. So ... I was too scared not to shut up, and took what he gave me. I loved it.

Today was very laid back. Had a late breakfast. Did some gambling. Lost a small amount of money and quit. Went to gym and ran on treadmill, showered, went shopping for soda, snacks and toiletries with T.&E., then back to room for a casual lunch.

Later, pedicure at 4:30. Dinner at Senor Miguel's at 6 (anyone reading this is welcome to join us). Then a couple of private play sessions, and, I'm assuming someone will be hosting a suite party later tonight.

I'm looking forward to some serious play with one or two good friends this weekend. I don't know -- I never know -- how, exactly, the weekend will unfold or who I will meet. It's always a pleasure to meet a good top, or an interesting bottom, or just a new couple. A year ago we hit it off with D.&G. from San Diego, and they'll be here later and will be at dinner. The four of us plan to so some private play at some point. Won't be possible to fit EVERYTHING in, but I'll do my best.

Oh, someone from our NY crew just texted me. They have arrived and are down at the bar. More later...