Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time for a change

Here's where I write some boring explanation as to why I'm switching blog titles, but there's nothing deeper to say than I got tired of "This Cat is Crazy." Always thought it was kind of a dumb title, I didn't write about my cats as much as I'd planned, and I really want to write about the scene more -- from my perspective as a bottom. (I blog from the top at The Corporal Consultant, www.mscassandrapark.com).

My new blog will simply be called "Sandy's Room." I've already explained over there that the title is an homage to Bruce Springsteen (as my name, "Sandy Park," is). Every Springsteen fan knows the song "Candy's Room."

Hope at least some people who read this blog will read me over there. go to www.sandysroom.wordpress.com

There'll be hidden worlds that shine ...