Friday, September 18, 2009

FFF: The honor of your presents is requested

Today first Flash Fiction Friday challenge (from The Daily Toast):

“But I DO know my place!” The argument continued inside while I waited, facedown. I’d merely tried to protect my employer’s reputation. But he wouldn’t listen.

“You, miss, are not my teacher!” he’d barked. After one more attempt at defending myself – while I nervously folded one napkin repeatedly – he’d cut me off and ordered me to my room.

It wasn’t fair! The embarrassing misspelling of “presence” in his party invitations would now remain uncorrected because of his arrogance. I would be caned for trying.

I sighed. Good thing I like caning.

I hoped his guests brought lots of presents …


Lurvspanking said...

Lots and lots of presents. Paddles and whips and floggers and tawses and many hard hands to teach her the proper way to proofread.


Lurvspanking said...

Speaking of spanking, the comment above has the wrong URL to my blog.

Stupid Blogger.


Spanky said...

Witty and wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it!