Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SL party recap

My party report was starting to get too long, and I wanted to post some kind of wrap-up before it got to be old news, so I'm just going to hit on the highlights. I asked for most people's permission to use their names here; I didn't have emails for everyone, so if I didn't ask and you don't want your name used, I'll change it to an initial ASAP.

1. Camaraderie. Okay, not a "highlight" as in an event, but the overarching theme of the weekend for me. Lots of bonding with other women, new and old friends, women I've known for several years but hadn't talked with much before, sharing, laughing, real emotions, real pain, real joy, and of course, gossip. We try not to ... but we do. I felt camaraderie with male friends as well, and had many intimate conversations this weekend. Really awesome to be able to do that.

2. The room and suite parties where much of the action takes place. Thanks to Todd and Suzy (of American Spanking Society fame); Harry; Crowe; Seattle Tom; Henry and Susan; Lori and Glenn; Lauren of Alaska; Jules, Maria and KathyCA; Kat and John; and others, for opening up your rooms each day. Thank you, Lori, for introducing me to newbie Stephen, who was adorable, but more importantly, knew how to give an incredible spanking. Got me out of my Friday funk very quickly!

3. The breakfasts ("bitch fests?") in Jules', Maria's, and KathyCA's room several mornings in a row. The group was mostly women, with a few special guys joining us later. Great to hang out and get to know all of you better -- Indy, Katylynne, SueNY, Kat, Kitty, D. (of D.&G.), Dawna, Spirit... did I forget someone? Let me know, I'll add you ASAP. That was beyond fun. Oh, congrats again to Kat and John, who got married Thursday in Vegas.

4. Interesting conversations, including the one I found myself in with J., Erica's boyfriend, about Ludwig Wittgenstein. I am supposed to read Wittgenstein to hone my comma-usage skills, and reading Kafka for proper semicolon usage. Bizarre as that conversation seems, it may not be craziest topic ever discussed at a Shadow Lane party. Happy anniversary, by the way, Erica and J.

5. Magic Steve's magic show in Crowe's room. A well-done show generating amazement and lots of laughs, and a nice ice breaker for SL. I don't like that Invisible Leprachaun, though. He's a nasty SOB! Who invited HIM? Thanks, Steve, and thanks, Uncle David and Crowe, for the delicious homemade lemonade.

6. Getting to top all the wonderful male brats at the Bad Boyz Breakfast on Sunday. Okay, you're not ALL brats. I won't name names ... except for Duckie, Jean-Paul, and Uber-brat Ron of San Diego. Can't wait to see you all next year! (Thanks, Ron and J.P., also, for joining us on our road trip to Hoover Dam). Thanks, Rachelle, for hosting. Lots of fun to share topping "duties" with you, Wednesday, Miranda, and Miss Chris. I really had a blast, and I think my arm is nearly recovered.

7. Hot two-couple scenes that Rad and I took part in with D. (bratty school girl) and G. ("Dad"); and Scott and Miranda. D. was adorable. I hope I can get a picture -- hint hint. Scott used Miranda's strap on me, a nasty thing that was the very strap her mother used on her when she was younger. Damn, that hurt. I loved playing with you all, can't wait for next time.

8. Thank you to the women who shared recommendations on good tops. This helps a lot when you're trying to find like-minded souls.

9. Thank you, Tim of Las Vegas, for a WONDERFUL session. It made my weekend to be able to submit to you. I think I am still high.

10. Thank you, Rad... Paul... my partner in crime, my support, my "Daddy," my best friend. I hope I tell you often enough how glad I am that you come into my life and can share these adventures with me. Love you, Man!


Brian said...

Hard to believe you could cram so much activity into a long weekend.

Thanks for the recap.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Did you not understand what a little greedy slut I was?