Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seals, hills, rocks, inspiration

Just wanted to share a few pictures we've taken along the way. The rocky coast shot is from Pt. Lobos National Park, the seals were on a dock in Santa Cruz, the closeup of the quote is from the guestbook at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, and the poetry section and the shot of yours truly are from City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. I'm a fairly big fan of the Beat poets and writers, especially Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, one of the Beats, founded City Lights. It's a three-story, quiet little place that still holds poetry and book readings regularly. We are staying less than half a mile away so we walked up last night. I bought books at the Henry Miller Library on Sunday and I don't want to carry too much home, so I resist the urge to pick up more. As a writer, I feel simultaneously awed, humbled, and antsy while browsing shelves. The feeling tends to come over me -- do I have anything to say myself? Is my story interesting enough to share? Do I have the imagination to embellish where I need to embellish (and I have no qualms about embellishing -- hello, James Frey, best seller?).

Surprise -- San Francisco is hilly! What, you say? You didn't KNOW that? Yes, of course I knew that! I just didn't realize HOW hilly. Holy cow, this is worse than a Stairmaster! There's a Starbucks (which we haven't seen since coming to California -- at last, civilization!) two blocks away that we'll probably have to take a cab home from. All right, I'm kidding. Sort of.

Today we visit Muir Woods (home to old redwoods), Point Reyes National Seashore, and Sausalito. Getting to see more SL friends tomorrow night.

Off on our next adventure -- will check in later.


Brian said...

Great pictures Sandy. Sounds like a very relaxing @%#@*#@ time. :)

P.S. Tell Rad that WordPress is on a spamming binge today so check his spam comment file for real comments.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, Brian. Sorry the pics are so large, I'm using a laptop and not used to the photo adjusting software. I'll play with it later if there's time.

LauraT said...

Yeah, Muir Woods was awesome, but driving that road up was kind of freaky. Throw in it was kind of wet, after a big storm with lots of slippery leafage down. NOT fun. Oh, and the power was off at Muir and there was some damage along the path from said storm. Did you make the short side trip to Muir Beach? It was a swell spot. Again, we were there in January, so most people were just out enjoying some beach combing.

Oh yeah, and the hills. Driving a stick would be kinda nutty out there.

Indy said...

Man, you guys are covering a *lot* of territory! I love Pt. Lobos--so beautiful, especially in the spring when the wildflowers are out. And Point Reyes and Muir woods are both beautiful.

Are you going to Alcatraz? Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge?

Laura, my first trip to San Francisco was right after I'd learned to drive a stick. Yup, it was nutty alright!