Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vacations wear me out!

Oh, boy. Lots to talk about but don't want to bore anyone to death. We have just finished our whirlwind tour of Big Sur, arrived this afternoon in Santa Cruz, and I've just now woken up from a much-needed nap.

Henry Miller Library was our first destination; turned out to be closed yesterday day for a wedding reception! So we simply checked into hotel, ate dinner, watched sunset over Pacific Ocean, and fell asleep by 9 p.m.

We aren't on vacation to play, but I had sneaked two toys into my bag just in case... Today I'm (quietly) celebrating seventeen years since I quit drinking. This morning, since I didn't have time to celebrate in any traditional way, I asked Rad to give me seventeen with the liquid cane, that nasty rubber thing. I loved the afterglow as we were driving...

We hiked for an hour in the morning, finally got to see the Henry Miller Library, drove north and had lunch at a restaurant called Rocky Point, with an incredible view of the Pacific and the rocky shoreline below. Oddly, we encountered yet another wedding there. A few miles north, we explored Point Lobos, where we hiked all over the rocky coast, saw many seals on the rocks below, and generally wore ourselves out. Hence the need for a nap.

We are meeting Shadow Lane friends George, Fireman Chris, and Sparkle for dinner in about an hour. Tomorrow, we explore Santa Cruz and then it's on to San Fran! We have internet access tonight and we are supposed to have it where we're staying in the city, so I'll try to keep up here as best I can.


sparkle said...

We had a great time, Sandy - 'cept for the server and the comedian, of course.

Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having some well deserved fun....enjoy!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

It was really nice to hang out and talk, Sparkle and Chris.

Hi, swfloridabrat!