Friday, September 26, 2008

Inpromtu play party

On Wednesday night our friend Shelayla from Shadow Lane hosted a dinner party for us and some other friends, in her house north of San Francisco. Bella, also of Shadow Lane, picked us up and drove us there. There were about eight people there, four men and four women.

Oddly, Rad was the only male top and Bella was the only non-switching female bottom. Shelayla played matchmaker and Ms. Cassandra was called upon to top three very different male subs. Meanwhile, since Rad and Bella know each other and have played before, he spanked her. Near the end of the night Ms. Cassandra closed up shop and let Sandy back out to play. Rad took me off into a bedroom, spanked me and flogged me, and then ended by picking up Shelayla's frat paddle and paddling me hard over my jeans. mmm. Very nice.

Our host cooked a delicious pork tenderloin with cous-cous. Guests Richard and Marie contributed a mixed greens salad fresh from their garden with homemade dressing (mmm). We brought crusty herb bread and olive oil we'd bought at the Ferry Building (an upscale waterfront shopping area) in our exploring on Wednesday, others brought drinks. Dinner and conversation were wonderful before the play began.

It was nice to meet interesting new people and hear new takes on play (Marie described some very elaborate role plays she's done in the past, such as one where she dressed as a nun and took confessions). And it was great to see Bella and Shelayla again, since they'd been unable to make the last Shadow Lane party.

Over the weekend, we plan to hook up with other Shadow Lane friends, some of whom will be our tour guides for the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday.

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