Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday afternoon quickie

Rad, Ron, Jean-Paul, and I all drove out to Hoover Dam this afternoon. That took about 3, 4 hours. I've never seen it before, and it's quite impressive.

Earlier, Ms. Cassandra appeared at the Bad Boyz Breakfast, along with Rochelle, Miranda, Miss Chris, and Wednesday. About 20 very naughty boys showed up and needed to be dealt with. I was able to cane and strap several VERY bad boys who needed more than my hand. (Yes, I know that's nearly all of them, but there are some special cases). I have pictures to show later; will revise this when I'm back on my own computer.

Last night, again, I played a lot, topping and bottoming (details still to come), but tonight I still would like to hook up with a certain British top who's infamous for his use of the cane, as well as a certain San Diego top, a certain Long Island top, and several others. I'll have to see how my body and my butt hold up.

Now, on to dinner. I am sad. We have to leave tomorrow. The friendship and camaraderie this weekend have been outstanding. I can't even begin to say.

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