Friday, August 1, 2008

Some people CAN take a hint

I hinted to Rad, by leaving a comment on his blog tonight, that I needed a spanking, and right away he goes and tells me to get the bath brush. Now, come on! Oh, yes, he felt it necessary to give me what I asked for. It was very stingy, especially when he peeled my panties down.

Well, I was sort of a bad girl today. On the R train to Astoria after work, I kind of overreacted to some girls who were making too much noise. Talking extremely loud, back and forth to each other, just going on and on about the most banal of topics. I didn't do much except, after several minutes of their nonsense, finally uttering loudly, "Jesus Christ!" (Taking the Lord's name in vain, tsk tsk.) But really, did I need to have some little bitch yelling practically in my ear (to her friend) about her HAIR and the products she's using on it? It was enough to make anyone snap.

So what happened? They started the bullying. There isn't much else you can call it. (Kind of like high school -- good times!) "Hey, we can talk loud if we want to!" "Yeah! If you don't like it, take a cab!" "Yeah, take a cab!" (They were nasty, just not very bright about it). I acted cool, waved my hand backwards at them. "Yeah, whatever, it's all good!" Inside, I was SEETHING. Of course they can talk loudly "if they want to," and I can mutter curses at them "if I want to"... see how it works? No, they don't, because of course "free speech" only goes as far as THEIR free speech...

Sigh. But anyway, back to the bath brush spanking. Rad says I react too quickly to things and don't pick my battles. He's right. I have an i-Pod and I should turn it on more often. I DON'T always do that, because to drown out other noise it means turning my music up beyond my normal level of comfortability, and then it's hard to concentrate on the reading I like to do on the train. However, sometimes that IS the best option, so I am going to try to do that more often to prevent future altercations. I didn't let this one escalate (honestly, I was too scared to let it escalate), but it was bad enough. I felt like a fool afterward.

So yes, I needed the spanking, and it was nice ... but as usual, we couldn't play too hard in the apartment. Rad "told" me to bring my school uniform to change into tomorrow night at Paddles. It's OTK night again. He said he needed to deal with my "tardiness" (another character defect; man, I seem to be exhibiting a lot of them lately) in front of the whole "school."

I'll report back on how tomorrow goes.

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