Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home improvements, part II

I've written about this on occasion before: My obsession with home improvements. In the two-and-a-half years that Rad and I have lived together, I've managed to paint the bathroom and kitchen, put up a few small shelves, and, as yesterday's blog indicated, make new curtains. We have a tiny one-bedroom apartment with little in the way of storage options, so I'm constantly thinking and scheming of ways to improve the situation.

The thought process usually goes something like this: We need shelves and matching "in bins" above or near the dining room table so we can reduce the clutter currently covering the dining room table. Okay, but before that happens, I have to paint the dining room walls. Do we have enough primer and color paint left? What color paint should I use? Do I need to go to Home Depot?

What am I going to do about that corner? Should I move the kitty litter boxes there, out of the kitchen? I COULD hang the ladder above the closet (ladder is currently in the kitchen). At this point I get out measuring tape and measure. Yes, that would work. What kind of hooks? Do I need to go to Home Depot?

What about hanging a curtain between the door and the closet area and between the dining room table and the closet area -- to make it like a separate little "room" for the cats? Would the cats like this? Would they find their litter soon enough? Would the litter be too close to dining room? Will the curtains block the dust?

What about the area on the other side of the couch? I could put down a board, put the litter THERE, curtain THAT area off for the cats. Then they'd drag debris through the living room... Maybe instead of a board I'll get a large plastic ribbed mat so they can wipe their feet. Might have to go to Home Depot...

What about my work area? I need a table for my crafts. Should the table be in the area near the (proposed) kitty litter area? Or should I set it up on the other side of the couch? What about shelves over my computer table. I need to paint the walls first. Do we have enough primer? ... Home Depot...

Etc., etc.

I don't spend HOURS watching home improvement shows, but I do watch them occasionally, and I look at tons of magazines and do-it-yourself projects online. I browse hardware stores near where I work, thinking, thinking. I get dangerous ideas into my head. I can do THAT! I can make a custom cabinet! I can stencil pretty designs around the top edges of the dining room walls! I can tile a backsplash for the kitchen sink!

The reality is I'm handy, but not THAT handy. I may have to do what everyone else does and pay a professional.

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Brian said...

I was just about to say you're hired.

I'm planning to begin your story today, still mulling over the place.