Sunday, August 3, 2008

Discovered a new writing blog

A commenter on Rad's blog, Brian, has started a dialog with me as well on This Cat is Crazy; he's got a writing blog, "Truth is Freedom," with frequently updated "writing prompts" to get one's creative juices flowing. He posted a link to this in my comments section, but I just wanted to reprint what he'd written about jazz, in particular, the saxaphone:

"The Saxophone is,

Notes like a lovers spanking, over knee bare bottom arching high crisp smacks falling on smooth flesh growing warm and red ’til hot flames scorch the sky."

So. Hm. I DO like jazz saxophone; I've been getting into Dexter Gordon lately and who doesn't like John Coltraine (A Love Supreme)? -- but honestly I never made THAT connection. Actually I think jazz is very appropriate for setting a good spanking mood. At Paddles they tend to play a lot of techno. That has its place -- it can get you into a good head space for a good thrashing -- but I doubt I'd ever choose to listen to techno at home.

So this week's prompts on Brian's blog are:

Prompt A (which is always a prompt, he says) is: “Tell us what’s really on your mind.”

Prompt B is: “What book, movie, song or any other artistic expression made the greatest impact on your young mind?”

I'm heading out to the beach this morning with my girlfriend; bringing my latest book and, of course, a notebook for writing. I've jotted these prompts down on the top of a clean page, will see what develops later.

Sad news (which you already know if you read Rad's blog) is that we did NOT make it to Paddles last night (both too tired) and I still need a spanking. Sigh.


Brian said...

Thank you so much Sandy for your genuine and open welcome to your blog. I am a writer above all else and a poet to be precise.

To me, spanking is the ultimate expression of trust and intimacy. As I said shortly after I wrote the jazz poem, 'A willing women's bare rump over a knee is the most beautiful thing in the world.'

Have a great day at the beach and I look forward to reading your words.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

I didn't get to write much. My friend and I needed to catch up so we both just talked and talked. I'll do more tomorrow.