Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hair-raising tales

My mood on the trip home fluctuated between anxiety and being relaxed. The relaxed won out eventually. The anxiety was only relating to spending more than I'd planned on my hair. I allowed myself to be talked into reddish-blonde highlights along with the cut I'd walked in for. The relaxed part is simply the way I feel after most haircuts. I love the sensation when I get my hair washed. It's like getting a head massage (another thing I love). The assistant washed my hair before the haircut was to begin, and then, because I opted for the highlights, I got two more washes and rinses before we were done. Everyone was VERY nice. I really, really appreciate that these days.

The stylist's name was "Eagle"; he was a very nice man, and good with the scissors and color. I left very happy, glad I'd spent the extra money.

Afterward on the train it was a tiny bit loud -- there was one big mouth as usual holding court; I had to remind myself to stop passing judgment and to stop sticking labels on people -- but overall I was able to deal with distractions. I eventually put my i-Pod on and listened to some jazz.

I was so irritated earlier in the day. I haven't gotten enough sleep this week and I was very cranky this morning. Rad and I got into a little fight before going into the Starbucks. (We made up pretty quickly, but I was unhappy with myself and my overreaction to certain things.)

At lunchtime I just wanted to take a break and go off by myself. I had a book in my bag and I was all set to go find a place to hide for an hour. It wasn't meant to be today. My coworker latched onto me, declared that she would be walking with me. I guess she needed company. I wanted to be alone, at that moment, but couldn't think of any nice way to tall her. I like her, have no reason to blow her off (plus she's going through a lot of personal stuff right now and I'm trying to give her a break). Right then, I wanted solitude and didn't get it. Not the end of the world. We bought pre-packaged sushi at the Chinese deli, went back and ate at our desks; I slipped away later for a few minutes alone. Not a big deal.


Brian said...

Nice 'do. :)

I vant to be alone. OK.

Glad you liked Part 2 of your story. I'll wait till after SL to send you more.

Anonymous said...


The highlights look GREAT. They may lighten up a little more if you spend some time in the sun in Vegas.

I wish my stylist would try some reddish highlights in mine, but she says they could come out orange/purple because of my hair type and that is just one risk I won't take.

Have a great time. We'll miss you!


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome!!!