Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a little slip

So I had a slip. It wasn't much. Just a little muttered comment: "Stupid!" was what came to my lips, passing the rather large woman who'd chosen to amble down the exact center of the subway platform, blocking traffic. Why? Because she had her head facing downward -- she was texting!

So I got angry, briefly. In retrospect I should have muttered, "Selfish!" instead, becasue that would have been more appropriate. And of course her size had nothing to do with her selfishness, except that it made it harder to get around her on the narrow platform. So I was a bitch. I can't always keep my mouth shut. Sue me.

I got on the train and calmed down. I actually got a seat, too! Hallelujah!

I should have been in a better mood. Rad gave me a caning before bed last night, and this morning, he threw me over his propped-up knee and gave me a nasty hairbrush spanking. This was mere minutes before we were to head out the door, so when I got into the car I was still a little dazed. He'd told me last night that this was going to be happening. I'd been warned. But I was still a little shocked when he came into the bedroom and grabbed me. Damn, that hairbrush hurts! I was one minute late yesterday. ONE FREAKIN' minute. Sue me.

But yeah, I liked the attention and I was in an okay mood until I ran into the texting fool. It wasn't really about the texter, either. I've been irritated at procedures going on at work; I'm not happy about having to redo several hours of work yesterday, all because of indecisiveness on the upper levels. My promotion this past spring gave me a few more responsibilities. I've had more duties added since my new boss started a month or so ago. More responsibilities, less authority, one more boss to answer to. The higher-level boss makes everyone's life difficult because of her lack of planning and last-minute changes. It's disheartening, but I keep plugging away. Both bosses are out today, so I can concentrate on my work. I may call some meetings to try to streamline procedures when they are both free.

Oh, so I stopped at the grocery store to pick up lunch and they were playing John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High." I caught myself singing along. A guilty pleasure. I'm not ashamed to admit I loved John Denver. I know a lot of you out there probably did, too. It made me happy for a few minutes. So sue me.


LauraT said...

I'm with you on John Denver. Maybe not Rocky Mountain High, but Calypso or Eagle and the Hawk. Lots of College memories in those songs.

I love your commute stories. Probably because I would have been thinking/feeling similarly. I notice that as I get older and deal with stupid frikken hormonal changes, things change. My filter is even less filterly (see my responds to your hub's blog) and I startle much more easily.

Stupid people suck. John Denver doesn't.


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

You made me smile again. that's twice today so far.

(all right, let's not get too maudlin. I did manage more than two smiles today. Life isn't that bad.) "You fill up my senses... "

Brian said...

Now you've got me humming along. :)

Finished Part Two of your story this afternoon while Fay's rains are pounding down. I'll send it tonight after dinner.

Speaking of pounding, you really must love that cane and brush(es)to time it so perfectly to the minute.

Jobs suck.


Instead of cursing at stupid people say what I say.


D said...

Been a John Denver fan forever.

Eagle and the Hawk. Simply the best. The song moves me every single time I hear it.

I'm with laurat - stupid people do suck big time.

Hang in there.
Far out.