Monday, December 15, 2008


Just about to head into the city for a doctor's appointment. Took the day off; my last vacation day of the year (still have one or two personal days for emergencies). I took the top photo while I was coming home from a walk yesterday; the sky just seemed so pretty and dark as it neared sunset. A crisp almost winter's day that reminded me of early winters of my youth, when I'd be coming home late after high school band practice, maybe to mom's homemade split pea soup with a big ham bone that had been simmering and thickening for hours. Maybe if I was lucky, a fire would be going in our fireplace. Maybe after homework a bunch of my brothers and sisters would gather and play a board game -- Monopoly, Risk, Life. Maybe it would be Friday and we'd be watching the Brady Bunch.

So, was feeling a little sappy and sentimental. Sometimes memories come up like that.

In another matter: When Rad was packing the toy bag for this weekend's party, he took out this little toy that Richard Windsor had donated as a door prize for last weekend's Strictly Spanking New York party. My number was called; I had the choice between a spanking video and this silly FAO Schwarz paddle. It was so cute I couldn't resist. I have enough spanking videos (well, for now). It has yet to be tested. Looks reasonably thick and solid -- may be one of those goofy-but-painful toys.


LauraT said...

Gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing your memories too.

It sure doesn't feel that Christmas in less than 2 weeks. I am going out today to finish up shopping. We need to get a box out to Joel's family in Virginia. Then I can concentrate on things at home. Currently our tree is up, but nothing on it.

Oh and yes, it is a cute paddle, if paddles can be described as such.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

I have to get my act in gear, too. Have not shopped at all. I also wanted to make cookies.

Meanwhile, the paddle remains untested...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the phot ande memories/ love the cute paddle