Sunday, December 7, 2008

Double teamed by Florida "VIPs"

I had some very interesting scenes this weekend, one of which left me flying for quite a while on Saturday night.

Two of the Florida Moonshine "VIPs," who were in town this weekend attending the Strictly Spanking New York party, also were at Paddles' OTK night last night. I've known Tony, from Florida, since I think my very first Shadow Lane party, a few years before I met Rad. At that SL party, I got to do a private scene with Tony and his then-girlfriend, and it was very hot. I hadn't played with him since then and I'd nearly forgotten what a good player he was.

His friend Ian, owner of the London Tanners (makers of some of the best straps out there), also goes to most of the Shadow Lane parties and of course the Florida Moonshine parties. He's a fun guy who still has his British accent, and is known for dishing out some pretty hard discipline.

I played with Tony first and he very quickly shifted into dominant mode. I'd told him that I wanted a serious scene, and that's what he gave me. He said he was going to cane me, and he asked me to stand on a wooden bench so that he could reach my bottom and legs more easily. I stood with my hands on the back of my neck, faced the side wall, and he proceeded to cane me.

It hurt like hell, and I cried out loudly after each stroke. He reminded me several times to maintain my position. I did my best; I stood as still as I could. It was only ten strokes, but each one was wicked, and he took his time with them. When we were done I felt high as a kite.

Ian had already promised to play with me. In fact, I was supposed to get caned by him first, but being a popular top, he was busy. When he found out Tony had caned me first, he said he was now going to show me how it was done!

We all laughed. Yeah, it was real funny -- until Ian took me into the back for round two. He, too, got dominant very quickly. He made me bend over and put my hands on a bench. Then he gave me twelve slow, harsh strokes across my bottom, then added eight additional lines to the ones Tony had already left on my thighs. Wow! I have nice marks today as a memento, and they will probably remain for at least a few days.

I do love the cane. It's unlike any other implement, and the physical and emotional sensation is always intoxicating to me. I also loved the one-right-after-another scenes from Tony and Ian. It made me feel very special, as well as sexy and desirable. Yeah, I know it's a weird way for people to show you they like you, but we're in a weird little world here, us spankos.

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