Friday, December 19, 2008

Big sloppy mushy day

My commute home took two-and-a-half hours tonight. Wet snow, rain, slush all over the city. The corner of 42nd and 6th was flooded; the puddle was huge and I think everyone had to plunk their feet in it. Not nice. As I was waiting for the bus I heard some over-dramatic little thing scream when she stepped into it. Ha ha.

It was our Christmas party at work, and, I did fairly well with avoiding the "bad" stuff. Naturally, we had temptations all week at the office; various people had sent us treats to share. I avoided the chocolate; did allow myself some crackers and cheese that were part of the gift basket.

At the party, among other things, I had THIS monstrosity to contend with. These were multi-colored chocolate cups, filled with chocolate mousse and decorated with white chocolate shavings on top. They looked SO pretty, so yummy. But I did NOT give in:

I was a good girl, had no bread, no pasta, only meat, veggies, and fruit for dessert. I am not being PERFECT by any means, but I really am trying, in this season of overabundance, to substitute higher-calorie snacks for lower-calorie ones.


A.S.S. said...

Wow... you really were a good girl. Santa owes you, BIG time!

Todd & Suzy

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Are you listening, Santa?

Anonymous said...

Good for you Sandy, I could not do the dieting thing, excercise is all I can do. My trainer says that I could do so much better with diet and weights, but I feel like I'll take the hard road and enjoy the food. It's our only vice, triple D and me, we love to eat. Well keep up the good work, you make me proud girl.