Friday, December 5, 2008

Fantasies, urges...

In no particular order ...

* I want the kind of pain that I no longer want as soon as it starts.
* I want to be naked, wrapped in plastic wrap, and stood in a corner until he wants to release me.
* I want my panties stuffed into my mouth and covered with duct tape. Then to sit and watch TV or surf the internet like any other night.
* I want him to cut a switch from a tree, bind me with my arms up over my head, then switch my entire body relentlessly. I want him to gag me when I start to scream.
* I want him to tie my wrists to my ankles and leave me like that on the floor, helpless.
* I want him to cane me longer and harder than he's ever caned me. Yes, I want marks.
* I want him to slap my face and tell me to behave.

So I'm a greedy slut. It's that kind of morning.

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