Friday, June 5, 2009

Out of the gate...

When I get to a big party like Shadow Lane or Florida Moonshine, I often feel immediately overwhelmed by the meeting and greeting of people you run into when you're checking in, walking to your room, etc. Unfortunately there are always one or two that you look at say, "I KNOW I should know his/her name but ... " I had the unfortunate happen. Someone I really SHOULD know -- and I'm not going to say who, but she already knows -- had gotten her hair cut much shorter and was wearing glasses at check-in. Iwas very embarrassed that I had to ask her name. Oh, shit. I hate that. Another guy looked familiar at dinner. I said, "We've met, right?" He said, "Yes, actually, we PLAYED last year." Oh, shit, again. I didn't feel comfortable asking, "Was I on the top or the bottom?" and walked away feeling rather sheepish.

I always feel overwhelmed, right off the bat, at large groups. When the dinner at Crabby Bill's was initially proposed I was NOT chomping at the bit to join in. Later when someone suggested we all go and get separate tables, in more manageable group sizes, I felt much better. I sat at a table of eight and that worked out quite nicely. I got to meet Jada for the first time (I believe this is her second party; her first being Shadow Lane) and the rest at the table were old friends. Nice to catch up.

A photographer employed by Crabby Bill's came around table to table to take pictures. We all posed on one side of the table, which prompted trouble-maker Diane from the next table to stand behind the photographer and make faces and gestures at all of us. She went so far as to flash her panties at Michael -- they were pink, and Michael does NOT like pink panties.

When the pictures were shown to us later, we are all looking good -- but there's this guy in the background at the next table who's looking right at the camera, adjusting his glasses, apparently as if to see what the heck is going on over there...

The laughter got me right into the spirit of things. Now, as you know I am not a brat (okay, SOME might argue that point) but I was displaying brat-like behavior at the suite parties after dinner. Rad was finally compelled to put me over his knee (just over the jeans to start, but much more is promised for later today. Dream from D.C. and Mike from Pennsylvania both hosted parties in their suites and we moved from one to the other.

For those who were in Mike's room at about quarter to 1 in the morning, I think that was about the best (worst?) fifteen minutes of NON-politically correct talk I've heard in a LONG time. So glad no one recorded us. Sorry I can't reveal it here -- I wouldn't do it justice, anyway. Let the fun continue.

It's cloudy this morning and it seems like perfect weather to go walking on the beach.

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Anonymous said...

I am NOT a trouble-maker, I am a "facilitator"...You guys added so much to the party-thanks for coming!