Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beautiful scenes

At the Manhattan Spanking Association party last night, Rad put me over his knee and spanked me really, really hard. I don't think he and I have played that hard in a while. He only used his hand, but as many of you know, he's got a very hard hand, and he was relentless. I was squirming and struggling for much of it.

He also got right into my head space with his lecturing. He ordered me to stay on track with my diet and exercise or else. I was well-behaved at MSA -- only ate fruit -- but at the earlier parties I'd eaten some junk. I love cheese puffs and I ate quite a lot of them at the first party we'd attended. I was nervous about being late to the second party (a family birthday party) we had to go to, and I just sort of sat there eating the cheese doodles until we could officially say goodbye.

I had a good workout yesterday. As soon as I'm done this blog, and this cup of coffee next to me, I'm going for a walk and probably back to the handball courts. I had lots of fun practicing handball yesterday. I found out I was using the wrong ball, though. I had two different balls, and I checked in yesterday morning with a guy I know who plays a lot of handball. He said it was the other ball that I was supposed to be using. Oh, well.

Do I need to mention that one reason I have been wanting to start handball (other than it always looks like so much fun?) is that I'm hoping it'll toughen up my spanking hand and arm. Yesterday I dished out a couple of respectable spankings (what do you think, J? -- respectable enough for you? Em., don't even say it -- I KNOW I needed to go harder on you.) and I LOVE doing that but it can wear you out.

I've always admired a top who gives a good hand spanking. It's like the most natural thing to do in this scene. I don't know if I'll ever be one of those who can keep going and going and going, but I can certainly strive toward that lofty goal.

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