Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First day back...

And here we go ... about to get into the shower and get my ass ready for work. Is my ass EVER ready for work? I don't think so. Most days I manage to fake it well enough. Most days I get the job done. But damn, I hate working! And it's so hard to come back after several days away. I did check my work emails last night to prepare myself a little bit, refresh my memory as to what I needed to work on.

It didn't really help; it only served to increase my anxiety at returning. Oh, well. I'll do my best, spend the first hour organizing and then just taking one thing at a time.

We had a terrific, thundering and crashing and booming thunderstorm in Queens last night. It woke me up! I think the cats were scared -- Buster was mournfully crying outside our door. Rad got up because he couldn't sleep and I guess he talked to the kitties a bit to calm them down. Speaking of which, I was so happy to get them home again. I hate having to leave them at the vet and I always miss them. On vacation, I'm half expecting Rocky's yowls outside our door to wake us up.

I might have a tiny bit more to say about FMS, but don't want to beat it to death. Time to move on...


Bonnie said...


Please do beat it a little more. I love reading everyone's travelogues! Thanks for keeping the rest of us up to date on what we missed! It sure sounds like fun.


Anonymous said...

What Bonnie said. :-)

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Bonnie and G. -- well, I guess I can write a little more. I'll update this later today.

Richard Windsor said...

Hey Sandy, can you send me your email address to houndog_windsor@yahoo.com ?

Someone mentioned something to me when I went to shoot with Caroline and I wanted to run something by you to see what you think.


ginger said...

beat it some more....isn't that what we like? ;)

Going back to r/l both sucks yet is comforting. :)