Friday, June 12, 2009

It's that time of year again...

... when everyone has to stop what they're doing and say "Happy Birthday" to me... or ... just keep doing whatever you're doing, I'm okay either way. It's just a birthday; everybody has one eventually. Happy birthday, too, to my "twin," Anna. (and best of luck with your move tomorrow; we'll miss you!)

Rad got me the sweetest, most romantic card and gave it to me at midnight. He said it brought tears to his eyes so he HAD to buy it. I don't usually go for the long sentimental ones but this was a good one. He wrote, "congratulations on being one year hotter." hee hee. I love that guy...

He also bought me Ghiardelli chocolate -- intense dark, 72% cacao. That'll be dessert later...

Meanwhile, my mom called me three days ago to wish me happy birthday -- "in case she forgets later," she says. This is an indication of how dippy my family is: My brother had sent me a birthday card four or five months ago, saying he liked the card and wanted to make sure he didn't forget.

My mom's card arrived yesterday (she probably mailed it three days ago, which is why she called). There's a cat (a fat orange cat, of course; the best kind) on the front. He's got a nasty expression on his face and he's smoking a cigarette. There's a full ashtray of butts on the floor next to him. (I think the dirty look he's giving is to whatever disgusting human stuck a lit cigarette in his mouth -- unless it was Photoshopped in -- I hope so; that's not nice to do to a kitty).

Inside the card it says, "You behaving yourself?" Ok ... Does my mom KNOW something about me?

I was in the middle of writing this blog and Paul interrupted me to give me my birthday spanking. 6 a.m. -- the guy downstairs is going to love us -- ah, f*** him and deny everything!

We are going to Paddles tomorrow night. Jules from Strictly Spanking New York and some others in our crew will be leading a panel for the TES spanking group on "Having Fun with Spanking." I'll have to see what that's all about, since I consider spanking a VERY SERIOUS matter.


Dayzee said...

Happy Birthday Sandy!!! Make sure you do something nice for YOU!! ~LIsa

G said...

Happy Birthday! Birthday spankings CAN be FUN!:-)

D said...

Happy Birthday!
Rad is just an 'ol softie ain't he. "congratulations on being one year hotter." How sweet! Ditto on what Dayzee said, do something to nice for YOU! You deserve every bit of it.

Love and hugs GF!

BTW... ROFLMA with this... "F**k him and deny everything!" I think this my new motto!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sandy!! Hope the rest of the day is as good as the start of it.

ginger said...

There's something to be said about people who remember your birthday well in advance. It's great that they think about you apart from a special day for you! :) \

Did they still call on your actual birthday??

Oh, and happy birthday from Zed and I too. :)


Caroline Grey said...

Hey Sandy, what's the protocol on birthday cakes at paddles? Ask Jules, she should know.


SueNY said...

Happy Birthday, Sandy! I hope it's been a great day. :)

I had to laugh at your twitter comment about the guy in a giraffe costume, because while visiting my Dad in one of the quaint little river towns tonight I happened to see a guy walking down the street in a bananna costume. It must be all the rain we've been having lately.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, all.

Ginger -- yes, my mom DID call today.

Caroline -- I don't need a birthday cake, but if I feel like it I'll buy one.

SueNy -- maybe the spring weather is being the furries out of hibernation.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Neglected to thank Dayzee, G, D and Iggy for birthday wishes the other day. Sorry! Hope you all are doing well.