Sunday, June 14, 2009

On birthdays, bratting and play

My birthday was nice but low-key. Rad took me out to a Cajun place in our neighborhood, Bourbon Street, where I indulged in catfish prepared with a caramelized onion topping and fried spinach on top of that – quite interesting and yummy; but way too much food, and I took more than half home with me. He bought me dark, dark chocolate for dessert ... we split it later. Mmmm.

Saturday night we went to Paddles to hear a presentation by Jules of Strictly Spanking New York (SSNY). She led a panel on “Having fun in the scene,” and it covered LOTS of hot topics including “appropriate” vs. “inappropriate” bratting (one can make a good argument in favor of bratting as a means to facilitate play OR to tell a top that he can go harder without actually using the words -– which many bottoms are loathe to do); “appropriate” vs. “inappropriate” touching -- and what to do when inappropriate touching happens; communication between a top and a bottom to figure out compatibility; how to stop a scene when it's not going well; and several other things. It was a lively discussion with lots of questions and feedback from the audience. Oh, yes, they also insisted on me coming up on stage to get a birthday spanking. I protested vehemently!

Rad gave me a hot birthday strapping later, with me lying down across the padded bed in the side room. There was a cute girl tied up nearby and her top was apparently doing nasty evil things to her, so she was making more noise than me. But occasionally I let out a howl when Rad got me with the nastier of the two straps.

I also got a firm spanking from my friend Gary, who's always fun. He just had to pull out that nasty bath brush. Brr. I hate that thing! But he was nice and only gave me a few.

I did not get to cane J. because he was with a friend and they had to leave early. But I did top another friend, H., who can also take a good caning – and he asked me for it, which is even better.

Heads' up – over the last week I've been getting my new professional website ready. It is about to go live; I have a few minor things to adjust and as soon as they are done I'll post the link here.


SmilingDevil said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Sandy

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thank you ... and thank god it's over!

how do the years go by so quickly?