Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Sandy can't come out and play today

I came down with a bug yesterday and left work early. After some assessing of the situation this morning, I have decided not to go to the Manhattan Spanking Association party that's being held tonight. I told Rad to please go by himself so he can deal with the bad girls who need dealing with. No reason one of us can't play.

I WILL miss seeing people. But right now I'm just sort of blah. Not craving play, not sexually charged up, not really wanting to socialize, either. I brought work home. I don't want to look at it, but that's probably what I'll be doing later -- reading and editing stories.

My mood has been low all week. I'm under stress at work to do many things beyond normal editing. I'm nervous about much of it, especially (still) my new internet duties: worried that I'm not doing the right things, afraid to ask questions that will make me look dumb or incompetent, but afraid, on the other hand, to take action without checking in first and asking permission. Dilbert from the other day was a perfect example of how things have been lately. I don't let things get to me too much, but we're going to be understaffed for some time, it seems, so there may not be relief for months.

What I may do, since I haven't in a while, is to try to shift focus and do something creative. Like paint, write fiction, or work on a mosaic. I can do that for an hour or so, then do my work for an hour or so, then back to something fun.

It's nice out, so if I feel better, later I'll go for a walk. Hope everyone who's going to a party tonight has a great time.


Anonymous said...

Sandy, you were missed. hope you are feeling better, hope to see you at otk in April. Triple D and me

Anonymous said...

Also hope the bug has now been vanquished.
Did you get to do the mosaic?
Won't see you at Paddles as I'll be in Pitt. that week.
feel better, and regards to Rad,
Harry, "the friendly 'ole bearman" (who seems to have lost the Blogger automatic signature)

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, Triple D and me. Was it fun? (I heard it was too hot)

Harry, are you signed in? That might be the issue with the automatic signature. I didn't do the mosaic, but I did work on a screen panel that I'm refurbishing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we missed you! Paddles on the 4th?

Lisa (and dead gray furry friend)

ps: I have a google account but dont know why I can ever use it here....

Caroline Grey said...

I hope you're feeling better!

I know that "go on without me! save yourself!" feeling quite well, though I have a harder time persuading Frank to head off anywhere alone. Silly boy.