Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Public displays of correction

When things click, they click. There was a good energy Saturday night and I think at least part of that was my mood going in. I approached the party with the idea that I was going to play with whoever I liked, I was going to do what I liked, I was going to ask for what I needed, and I was going to explore what I wanted to explore.

I knew Rad was going to spank me, and Scott was probably going to spank me and when Gary showed up at the munch I knew we would play, too. (We ended up playing three times--I topped him, he topped me, and then Miranda and I topped him together.)

Rad got me first, though, dragging me off right to the bright lights of the main stage, where he soon had me bare-bottomed and yelping under his steady, hard hand. I think I might have made a smart-assed remark. Oops. I'll never do that again.

A young couple who'd been at the munch earlier approached me just after I'd finished the scene with Rad. She was a pretty little thing, in a very, very short, pleated skirt. Her boyfriend/dom/husband was leading her around on a chain attached to her collar. (Yes, it was OTK night, but I don't think anyone was going to complain -- she was adorable). Her partner told me she'd been bad and needed to be punished. Since I'd just been spanked myself, I wondered if they KNEW I switched or if they were just taking a chance. But I was up for it and jumped right in.

"Oh," I said. "And what has this young lady done?" A dubious "reason" was supplied, so I scolded her briefly, then continued to scold as she went over my knee and I began to spank her. She was thin, but had a beautifully round butt. A smattering of people gathered, seeming to like the tableau of her across my lap. I hope we can have a repeat at some point in the future...

When it came time to play with Scott, a little later on, I was nervous. He had told me ahead of time that I wouldn't be getting the family strap (thank God) this time, but he likes to play hard, and he knows I can take it hard, so I knew there would be some pain in store for me. I love playing with him; he's very strict and no-nonsense. He says, "Warm-up spankings were invented by 'spankos.' If you were getting punished there would be no warm-up." This is true.

So with him, I get that rush of fear that is such a turn-on to me. The scene was hot. He strapped me a lot, with a few of my "lighter" straps. (I wouldn't call the London Tanners' tawse light, exactly, but compared to the F'nFS, it's lighter.) He also used the bath brush and got me a bunch of times in the "sweet spot." (There's nothing sweet about it; who invented that F'n term?)

After the last strapping, which was the hardest, of course, I was lying across the bench thinking I didn't want the scene to end. I got up and he gave me a hug. I asked him, "Would you mind if we ended with a hand spanking?" He looked at me and said, "Would I mind?" And I went back over his knee. Just before he started, I told him he could go as hard as he wanted. He gave me a look as if to say, "Do you really need to give me permission?"

Oh, it was lovely. And the party was just what I needed. Going back to work today was a real downer, but what can you do?


Anonymous said...

You should be spanked for not blogging more often. Not that anyone asked me... :-) Lisa

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

i have stuff I can post... soon. It's in my notebook. Will get some thoughts together soon.

I SHOULD be spanked, regardless.