Monday, March 16, 2009

Over too soon

smaller rocky sun 022109
Fat Orange Kitty looking angelic. So unlike him.

I was on the Steinway subway platform waiting for the glimmer of light indicating the train was just around the bend. There it came, crowded again. A girl getting on in front of me did not move in (as you're "supposed" to), but stood in the doorway spot, making me squeeze around her to find a place to stand where I can reach a pole. I was the last one onto the train, so that should have been MY spot! The train started to move before I could get around her and I was jostled and knocked into her. I think I stepped on her foot. Oops. Too bad. I found a pole on the other side of the train; two stops later I had worked my way over to another door spot that opened up.

The weekend was too short, but filled with moments of joy. On Sunday I watched my niece dance and sing on stage in the high school's annual musical. She's still in grade school but is taking dance classes and they needed kids for this show. She's just very talented and a great kid. I loved watching her and felt proud. In my school days (this was MY alma mater, by the way) I would have been in the pit playing with the show band. I was a trombonist. The very same band director I had in high school was STILL directing the band, and I said hello at intermission. Didn't like high school much, but loved being in the band. Good memories.

On Saturday night I hung out with scene friends in a non-play environment -- they had a young nephew staying over, plus an adult daughter was home. We sat up till after 2 a.m. talking about fantasies, relationships, types of play and a bunch of other scene topics, with a bit of gossip tossed in. We also watched TV and just had normal vanilla conversation.

I feel this has been how the past year has been unfolding. Play, yes -- lots of good play. But more and more real connections. The East Coast seems to be finally turning a corner (or maybe I'M turning a corner) and I'm finding the scene "family" I've been longing for. Some of that family live in other parts of the country, but with the internet and periodic visits and parties, we continue to build the friendships.

Now it's back to work -- what a drag! Beyond work itself, I'm dealing with chocolate and other temptations that have appeared in the kitchen. A coworker was on vacation and, as we are "required" to bring treats to the office after vacation, here we go:
temptation 031609 1
I promised Rad I would drink two full bottles of water, then wait till at least noon, before touching anything -- if I do at all. Maybe by then I'll have no desire (ha!). Of course, if you wait long enough these things have a way of disappearing quickly.


Anonymous said...

Nice to just "mellow out" some weeks...especially with chocolate for some.
Glad you enjoyed your niece's performance.
If you include Florida, I think the East Coast rivals the West very well for supplying "Our Need and Desire" (LOL)
Harry G. "the friendly 'ol bearman"

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Yes, we have a pretty good scene going here.

Jean said...

Love the picture of the Kitty. So gald you had a nice weekend and enjoyed your niece's performance