Saturday, March 7, 2009

The beatings will continue until morale improves

Funny how corporate efforts to improve employee morale never consider the obvious. They always do something stupid like putting up inspirational posters, or holding monthly birthday parties that everyone's forced to partake in -- rather than paying people what they're worth, not forcing them to work unpaid overtime, not firing half of the staff so that job descriptions of the survivors suddenly expand to three pages.

And they should provide spankings in the break room! Okay, I'll admit that last one will only work for SOME of us! (Wouldn't it be funny, though, to find out just how many of our coworkers are into what we're into?) Are the real quiet ones dominant in their private lives? And vice versa?

I think my boss should be whipped on a regular basis, and not in a good way. It may improve her attitude, and she seriously needs an attitude adjustment...

I also think my immediate supervisor is in the scene, or was at one point. At Paddles one night, I swear I saw a younger version of her -- maybe from 10, 15 years ago -- in an S&M video. But I like her and if she is or was in the scene that's cool. I still don't want her knowing in any way what I do on my spare time!

I just remembered my office doesn't HAVE a break room. No spankings for you!

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ZED and ginger said...

Zed has a tshirt that we picked up in Savannah that states your title on the back of the shirt!! :)