Monday, October 26, 2009

Smacked back to reality

(Long sigh). I'm grabbing my last few sips of coffee, my last few checks on email, before shutting down and heading over to work. My first day back after a nice relaxing week off. I didn't take a "real" vacation but instead caught up on doctor appointments, visited my family, then went to Baltimore to visit SL friends, as already mentioned here.

I am feeling energetic about everything but work, which is NOT good. Not that I'm required to feel great about work, but I must now shift gears and I don't want to...

At least I was able to meditate this morning -- or, my version of that, which is sitting on the couch not doing anything for a few minutes, with one cat next to me and the other on my lap. If I allow myself this time, it always puts me into a better head space.

I feel good, for once, in the writing department. I have not completed my three daily pages, but I did work on my plot and character development for my novel. Onward and upward...

Hope everyone has a good Monday.

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