Sunday, May 17, 2009

Something new and exciting!

I was flattered to be asked to participate in what was my first-ever discipline video (at least for the public's eyes) today. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Ms. Holly, the dominant in charge; Switch Lydia; and some other terrific ladies who took part in the filming today for Southeastern Woodshed. Also present was Tori, who did the still photos and was an assistant, and good friend B., who's helping produce much of these shoots.

I thought it went rather well. Ms. Holly was everything I had heard. Very severe, very attentive to detail, and no-nonsense. She's also very pretty and, when not administering justice, is just a nice person. A good writer, too, from what I've seen so far...

I had been sent to Ms. Holly for discipline for an offense that we did not discuss on camera. Following orders, upon arrival to her suite, I removed my schoolgirl outfit, leaving only bra, garter, stockings and Mary Janes. I then placed my hands on the coffee table, bent, and prepared myself as best I could.

My disciplinarian entered the room and immediately ordered me to spread my legs further, as they were not to her liking. She told me to arch my back, stick my bottom out, and keep my head up. There was not much to say, as I knew I had earned this chastisement. All I could do was accept it. As soon as she was satisfied with my positioning, she picked up a long, nasty, doubled leather belt and began to methodically strap my bottom with it. No warm up, not many words, just a hard belting while I maintained position for her. I was soon crying out from pain. The strokes were on target and each one hurt.

This went on for some time. How many strokes? Unknown. At some point she began to give me sets of 20 and ordered me to count. I cannot remember HOW many sets of 20 there were--three, maybe four. I had taken my glasses off for filming so was able to avoid "accidentally" looking into the camera.

The cane came next, an implement with which I've maintained a love/hate relationship for several years. I was instructed to stay in position. My legs and my lower back were beginning to feel the ache, but I wanted to be obedient and not put up too much of a fuss. It was sharp, cutting, maybe not the worst I've ever received but no walk in the park. She barked at me several times for lowering my head or moving my butt, and I managed to get back into position as quickly as possible before she decided to punish me further. (The dreaded, "Now we're going to start over"? No way!)

As with the belt, I had to count several batches of cane strokes, saying, "Thank you, Ma'am," after each count. At times it was difficult, after a harsh stroke, to get the words out, but of course I did. I'm not a big fan of counting. I am a big fan of being made to follow orders--so I counted.

And then we were done. I stayed in placed until I heard the camera man quietly say, "cut." Stretching, long drink of water, and then back into position for some still shots.

Whew. Will probably write more about this later. I had some thoughts in my notebook earlier about my FEELINGS about doing this. I'll try to share...


A.S.S. said...

Very exciting! It sounds like it went really-really well. Will you be able to post any pictures here?

~Todd & Suzy

otk_spanko said...

Mmmm, mmmm good! Sounds like you had a thorough punishment session with a definite no-nonsense lady. I hope that it was everything you were wishing for.

It was great to see you and Rad at MSA on Saturday night. Thanks for MY lovely caning, Ma'am!


sandy richards said...

No warm-up? Wow. It sounds amazing, and much more than I could handle; good for you.

I'm so glad you were able to fit the Manhattan Spanking Association party into such a busy weekend. As always, it was nice seeing you and Rad.

ZED and ginger said...

wow! What a session! Trooper!


Anonymous said...

A Star is born~
congrats and see you soon!

Caroline Grey said...

WOW! So exciting, isn't it? That sounds like quite the beating. I'm really happy for you. :) Maybe they'll give you some stills for your blog?

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Hey, all. I'm finally catching up here. Yes, it was a very nice scene. I should have some stills soon. They want to film me again, maybe in about a month.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

P.S. B., I want to cane you again soon. I heard you were being bad.

Anonymous said...

Ow and Wow! -Dolly