Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Harmless (only mildly obnoxious) self-indulgence

So I've been Twittering lately and one of the things I figured out how to do was to send updates to my blog. I honestly don't know what purpose this serves except to indulge my need to express a random thought (kind of like a muttering homeless person, in a way, but electronic).

I took the indulgence to an extreme while I was getting a Brazilian tonight and yes, I sent a couple "Tweets" right in the middle of things. The cosmetologist (or is the correct term "esthetician"?) was quite amused. She asked, out of curiosity, why I was getting waxed, and I told her the truth -- I'm going to be making a movie on Sunday and might have to be naked. I wasn't as brave as I might have been. I did NOT tell her that I would probably be caned quite hard, among other things. Also, I said, I would probably be going to an S&M party soon and might be at least partially naked there as well.

How the filming got set up: a man that I've played with a few times had a female pro-domme friend, Miss Holly, who wants to get some clips together for her web site. They asked me and some others to come film with them. Miss Holly heard that I can take a good caning, which she said she looks forward to. (She said that none of the other girls wanted to be caned -- naturally, my ego reared its ugly head

I've had several friends offer to do photo shoots of me recently, and since I'm already an exhibitionist slut, why the heck not? I'm planning to debut my new web site soon and I need the new pics. Plus, I look fabulous and might as well do it now while I'm still young and hot. Of course I do realize I'm not that young and hot, but when I'm 70 and still going to parties, I can always look back and say, "hey, I may not be young and hot now, but I looked pretty good then!" At which point Rad will take out his teeth and throw them at me.

Truth is I do feel some fear about this movie, and hope I can take what she dishes out. When I read a few of the stories posted on her web site, I started to get nervous


Indy said...

I love the part about Rad throwing his teeth at you. :-)
Good luck with the shoot and I really look forward to seeing you guys again soon in Florida!

I'll be much more up for a party this time. *g*

Anonymous said...

I think the correct term is aesthetician.


sandy richards said...

What was the reaction of the waxer (the unofficial term)? Did she take the whole filming, naked, S&M party thing in stride?

otk_spanko said...

Have a great time on your shoot with Ms. Holly. I know that she is a serious disciplinarian (as are you when you are in toppy mode, I might add!), but she also seems like a very cool person, and I am sure that you will have a lot of fun.

I got a smile imagining you Twittering while being waxed.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she would ask WHY you are getting waxed. LOL. Isn't it obvious? (Looks prettttty....!)
I SO want a brazilian one of these days. Kindly rate the pain from 1-10 if you would...?

I too have Twitter ( I think) and haven't the foggiest idea of how it works. By the time my extrememly geek-challenged mind figures it out ( like with texting), something even MORE "communications-advanced " will no doubt come along! I'm either girlwoman or womangirl on there. See..I can't even remember! Gah!
I am SURE your video will be great. If it is not ideal, at least fun and a new experience...? ~Lisa

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

She was very open-minded, simply curious. I felt comfortable, and I think the conversation we had helped distract me.

Rate the pain... hm. Well, compared to being punched in the mouth I guess it wasn't so bad... um, maybe, to put it in terms "we" might understand, some of it was as painful as, say, a good whipping... it's fast, but then some areas they have to wax more than once, and then they tweeze the difficult hairs. I yelled a little during the procedure. But I was floating afterward.

Good times!

Oh, and I'm still figuring out Twitter, myself. I want all the texts to go to my cell phone and it doesn't seem to be doing that.

Dayzee said...

wowww..ok. SO I guess I WON'T ever be getting a brazilian!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Nah, go for it! You'll love it!

Next is my new tattoo...