Saturday, May 23, 2009

15 minutes

I need to blog, so I'm just going to go for it. 15 minutes, off the top of my head, we'll see what comes up.

First, I'm so happy we have a long weekend, which happens to include a bonus OTK night (tonight) at Paddles. I think I am bringing my canes; maybe there will be a nice appealing sub who wants to submit to a good caning. Meanwhile, I'm still feeling the aftermath of Ms. Holly's caning from last week, and can't WAIT to play with her again.

The week went so fast, with activities nearly every night. Wednesday, I had to stay at work late and was VERY disgusted about it because it meant canceling my therapy appointment. My therapist gave me a break and didn't charge me for the last-minute cancellation. Ugh. I left the office feeling guilty and upset with myself, because, of course, it all MUST BE my fault, I have poor time management, I don't work quickly enough, I get distracted...

Woke up Thursday morning, sat and meditated for a while, and came to the conclusion that it was NOT all my fault. In fact, very little of it is my fault -- I am working my butt off there and overcoming some very difficult and ridiculous obstacles they insist on putting in our paths. Not the least of which is a manager who can't let go of day-to-day minutiae and, as a result of her meddling, holds the process up EVERY SINGLE MONTH. She may know basic grammar, but she has yet to learn the style sheet and she sure as shit doesn't know the meaning of a deadline!

I met all my deadlines and it was a relief to get out of there on Friday a little early. Met new scene friends T. and J. out in Jersey for dinner, and then gave J. (the male half of the couple) a very hard spanking. What is it with stoic males? I thought I was paddling the heck out of him and his reaction was a bare murmur. Thank god he at least yelped a little from one or two of the implements I used. T., his girlfriend, is a cute young switch with a nice butt for spanking. i don't know if she wishes to be identified here so will refrain from that for the moment. But I liked the dinner, conversation, and play.

Got back to Queens very late and I still had to get in a half-hour workout. I already missed one workout day this week, and I'm only allowed to miss one, so I was under the gun. Some of you know that my diet and workout dom, Scott, will give me 10 with the Family Strap when I screw up. I don't like the Family Strap. I already earned 10 and I don't want to earn more. So, I worked out before bed. This morning I rode my bike for half an hour and did weight training when I got back. So I'm good up till now, no punishment for this week as long as I don't screw up on Sunday.

I do need to play tonight. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to bottom again but it may depend upon who shows up at Paddles. The OTK party starts at 6 p.m. instead of 7 this time, so we get an hour extra to play. If Scott comes out, maybe we can deal with my violation tonight. I don't want it, but I DO want it to be over with.

I haven't been blogging much lately but I have been writing a lot in my notebook on the train. More fiction and fantasy writing is emerging. A new dad/mom/bad daughter fantasy is nearly complete. Also, for some reason a Girl/girl story flowed out of my pen over the last couple of days. Hoping to have both done within the next week.

That's 15 minutes. Going to take a nap so I have some energy tonight!


Dana said...

I'm glad to hear that you're getting some of what you need these days. The video shoot sounds exciting. I'm sure tonight at Paddles will be fun. Wish I could be there! Enjoy...

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

I'm sure you can think of an excuse to get back to NY someday soon.

I did NOT get to cane anyone. If anyone was there wanting to get caned, he or she did not express it to me. I do still owe my friend Anna a good thrashing (are you reading this, Anna?)

Anonymous said...

Once again, I probably should have given you a heads up as to J's habitual silence. I thought he was only like that with me.

He greatly enjoyed it and reveled in the lasting soreness. He kept giving sheepish grins and rubbing his bottom when he thought I wasn't looking.

We're glad you came down. If scheduling on both ends allow, we'd love to it again.

It was great getting to know you better! ;)