Friday, May 29, 2009

I don't WANT to go!

Don't make me go to school! The teachers are so mean to me!

Okay, I was trying on school uniforms on Wednesday and starting goofing around with silly cell phone self-portraits -- Just thought I'd share one. I'm preparing for Florida Moonshine, where they will be having the "FMS Academy" session on Saturday morning; we must be "properly" attired. One friend who owns a lot of authentic school uniforms loaned me a bunch to try on and to borrow for the party -- I'm leaning toward the jumper in this picture.

I have to work on my scared/pain face if I'm going to make another movie. Problem is I'm USUALLY scared and in pain when I'm getting a hard spanking or strapping. But I tend to grimace a lot, which ends up looking like a smile, so it doesn't convey quite the right emotion. On camera, if I focus on my facial expression, it may end up taking me out of my head space. But if that means the spanking hurts MORE, I might not have to worry about a "pain face." I WAS asked to come back and do another film with Southeastern Woodshed, and now I'm threatened with a paddling and bath brushing. Yikes! For such a good girl? What did I do to deserve that?

The picture above also reflects my mood these days in thinking about work. I sometimes really do want to throw a tantrum rather than deal with the nonsense they hand us there. Constantly feels like more and more stuff to do in spite of having fewer people to do it. Yet despite of working my ass off to meet deadlines (working late and/or taking work home most evenings), I'm hearing: "You need better time management."

I still like my supervisor. Last week she was on my case too much, but things have calmed down. Now she's been pushing me into more of a decision-making role. I don't know if I WANT that, but it will be good for my future with the company, and I think I'll get promoted in the near future. More money is always good.

Better get moving. Clock is ticking.


Caroline Grey said...

Trying on school uniforms is the very best time-management there is. (says the girl with no time-management skills and many uniforms)

I am afraid my FMS strategy may involve getting whacked so much for my blatantly out-of-code uniform that they fail to notice how CRAP I am at geography.

I love the squalling facial expression. It's so hard to get the camera "ouch" face right. I'm also a grimacer, and I can end up looking very scrunchy very fast if I'm not paying attention. Being spanked on camera is complicated!

Congrats on the second shoot, by the way. I look forward to seeing it!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, Caroline! So, I heard you and Rad would be playing in Fla. You'll have fun. We're having a nice weekend, so I better get moving and go for a bike ride. See you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

I was privvy to a viewing of your video with B, last week. You were DEFINITELY smiling! B and I took a count...

Anyways, it actually made for an engaging video. Though there was supposed to be that air of repentance, I dug the fact that you were *really* enjoying it. It was unusual and endearing.