Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything hurts...

Feel like I'm aching from head to toe. Between Rad and Scott, I got enough strapping last night to last me for ... oh, maybe until Florida Moonshine. My butt is raw! It feels kind of tingly as I sit on it and write this morning. I'm not complaining. I was high all night after my punishments.

But now comes the hangover from "imbibing": Whatever position I was in last night, my back is now hurting as well. On top of that I've got a sinus headache from the overcast weather. I don't like popping painkillers for any little reason, but I think perhaps I need to take two ibuprofen this morning.

There wasn't a huge crowd at Paddles last night. That was probably because it was Memorial Day weekend. However, there was a tight group of the people I like to play with. I missed playing with Mike from Pennsylvania (I wanted to, but after Scott I was pretty much done). Instead, I got some vicarious pleasure out of watching and listening to Mike, Scott and Rad punish other naughty girls. When you're sitting at the bar area and it's not too crowded or noisy, you can often hear -- drifting down from the loft --- the scolding tones of a top and the repentant cries of a bad girl as she gets her comeuppance. The cries are often louder than the sound of whatever is being used on her bottom.

It was titillating to walk into the back room of the club and witness Jules, Miranda (Scott's wife) and girlfriend K. from Delaware standing in a semi-circle around the padded bench, their skirts up and their bare bottoms exposed. They were bent over getting paddled by Scott, one after the other. Knowing how hard Scott plays, I do believe those yelps and cries were legitimate... oh! And I just remembered that Scott paddled me, too, as part of my punishment.

I have to go spank a naughty boy this morning in the city, and then we are heading to Pennsylvania for a barbecue. Scene friends are hosting, but vanilla family will be skulking about, so there probably won't be any play. We have to remember to use their real names, LOL!

Happy long weekend, everyone!


Indy said...

Sounds like a lovely evening, Sandy. Too bad you have to pay for it today. Hope it didn't get in the way of spanking your naughty boy!

Anonymous said... sure WAS a long weekend! I worked 37 hours and tonight got diagnosed with a kidney stone. :-( Pain that isn't "fun"! I so had wanted to be at Paddles but.. oh well. I 'hear' the scene isn't going anywhere...
Hope your back feels better soon, and your ass continues to ache. Lisa

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Indy, I see you had fun this weekend, too!

Lisa, sorry about your diagnosis. Hope you feel better and can come out and play soon.

Anonymous said...

Cassandra, definitely SSNY..if not Paddles. I can't wait to pass this stone ( this too shall pass...?) and feel better!) xo Lisa