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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just another Saturday

I didn't really want to write about Valentine's Day yesterday. It's not just another day ... but it was really just another day. After spending so many years alone, jealous of those who were going out to romantic dinners and getting flowers at work (oh, the pain of watching all the flowers being delivered, none of them for me ... ), hearing from coupled friends about their special plans, etc., etc. -- it IS just another day. At the very least, it is what YOU make of it, not what commercials and TV and the internet say you have to make of it. (And why is there this message that it's the MEN who have to give to the women? I recall it being more mutual when I was younger.)

Rad and I had vague plans. We went to the city with the thought that we'd go to Monster Sushi (the site of our first date -- now, sadly, renovated, modernized and "hipper"). We'd also talked about going to a comedy club afterward. Between 7th and 8th on 23rd Street, we stopped to check for information on our cell phones. We happened to be standing outside a barbecue joint. I've been having a craving for barbecue lately and was about to check out the menu. Just then a crazy waiter from inside came out and started raving about how good the barbecue was. He said we better get inside NOW, before it got really, really crowded. He was interviewing everyone walking into the place, saying, "Is this the best barbecue in town or what?" and everyone was good-naturedly agreeing.

Turns out Rad was craving barbecue, too, so we decided to succumb to the sales pitch and went inside to have dinner there. It was yummy! The waitress asked if we wanted dessert ... the only dessert being deep-fried Oreos. Wow. Sounded interesting, but I said no. That's better left for those with stronger constitutions. I ate enough fatty food as it was and had an upset stomach afterward. Our after-dinner plans -- comedy club, live jazz, movies -- had to be postponed for a little while.

We walked over to a Dunkin Donuts, had coffee and talked. It was not crowded (this is always a big deal in New York) and it was nice to just sit. Then, we walked down 7th Avenue a ways, still thinking we might come across a little jazz joint or some small club with live music. My stomach was returning to normal and I had this notion in my head that we should go get dessert. (Why? Because it's Valentine's Day?) Rad said, "Do you REALLY think that's a good idea?" I pushed down my craving, and thank God I did, because I would have been ill this morning.

Instead of live music, we found a fantasy shop where we went shopping and Rad bought me some new "toys." Took the train back up to 24th where we'd parked, then drove home to Queens to try out said "toys."

No flowers, no candy. Other than that last-minute gift, we didn't buy each other presents. We just enjoyed each other's company and did whatever we felt like doing right then.


harry g. said...

Sounds like you both enjoyed the holiday!

Anonymous said...

sounds awesome, Sandy. Its so important to not have expectations. The day unfolded the way it was meant to ...and I'll bet the evening did, too! ;-) ~Lisa

Jean said...

Sounds like a great Valentines, Sandy. I am glad your stomach returned to "normal" so you could enjoy the rest of it.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Harry -- I agreed with a friend on MySpace that Valentine's Day was BS, a big marketing scam. But it's sort of nice on the other hand to have an excuse to do something...

Lisa -- If I had expectations I'd be forever disappointed!

Jean -- I tend to "allow" myself things on special occasions that I shouldn't eat. I always think, I'll eat fewer calories tomorrow. But I forget that there are other reasons for eating light -- my stomach's comfort one of them...