Monday, November 17, 2008

I made u a cookie

I've been trying to write something meaningful about BDSM and/or spanking, but was unable to corral my thoughts into structured sentences. My creativity for the day was in the kitchen -- I baked cookies.

Tomorrow I go back to work; I'm not ready, but don't have much choice. My company has some kind of "bake-off" going on. I did not have to join in, but I had some free time so decided to give it a shot. Don't ask me if the recipes are supposed to be original; I stole mine from Rachael Ray's magazine. These are called "Jeweled Lace Cookies." Oh, they're supposed to have pistachios, but I already had walnuts in the house so I just used those. (That makes it my own recipe now, right?) The dark pieces are cranberries.

I was bad and ate two of the the cookies, plus some of the batter, plus.. uh.. some of the nuts... I'm going to be punished for my diet violations... Screw it, the cookies were yummy!

The day wasn't bad. I took a long walk, then went shopping for several hours. I managed to score a brand new pair of red shoes, on sale for $20! I have to go to a wedding this Saturday and the following Saturday, so the shoes will come in handy. They are comfortable, too.

I hope to write some tomorrow about scene issues. For now, off to la la land. I took one last pain pill; I don't think I'll be needing any more.


Indy said...

You have to try the cookies, Sandy, before you foist them on unsuspecting others. It's a rule, a moral imperative, even. Trust me.

Glad you're off pain pills and hope you're feeling better.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

My cookies won second prize! I couldn't believe it. I took home $50. Nice way to return to work.

Oh, I was a bad girl today. I tasted others' treats. (That sounds sexual)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning the cookie contest. Remember, cookies have eggs(protein)/ milk - dairy/if they have nuts/peanut butter that is protein. Chocolate helps you think and if it has coconut,that is fruit


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

A main ingredient was oatmeal, so, yes, they were very healthy!


Anonymous said...

Yay, cookies, and congrats on placing in the contest! I think that makes up for taste-testing LOL.

Glad the pain is better. I remember being really worried about taking Vicodin after my surgery, and got Percoset to take (which I knew I'd be ok with). Ended up needing more, took the Vicodin, and you know what, it was fine too. Phew.

Now, the next time we get together, you have to make those cookies again. We want to taste your treats!!! Uh oh, that does sound bad. I brought home Panera cookies for Jon after I was at a write-in (got to 50,014 words yesterday!). Must be a cookie kind of time.

Hugs, Dolly

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

50,000 already! yay!

Anonymous said...

mmm oatmeal/ very good and very healthy


LauraT said...

We were at a wine tasting on Sunday night. It seems like most of us at the table were all foodies of one sort or another. The tasting was at a Peruvian Restaurant we picked out. Food was great and the flan was OMG good. But I digress.

We were talking food at the table and I think some baking contest came up. Someone made chocolate chip cookies and instead of nuts for crunch, they used bacon. Crispy Bacon. That sounds so perverse that it just might be good. Of course if you threw in oatmeal and some lipitor sprinkles, it could offset the bacon.