Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't you just hate the "wrong kind of pain"?

I can't write too much tonight, had surgery earlier today, just took an oxycodone (I'm going to be just like Rush Limbaugh, whee!) and I'm going to go to bed. I'm hoping the pain won't last beyond a couple of days; it was a "minor" procedure, but not minor enough that I'll be jumping up and down and going back to work tomorrow. Won't be able to exercise for a few weeks, and probably won't be able to play for a few weeks, either. :(

We have some spanking parties and events coming up that I want to attend in Philly and New York, and I'll probably still go, but at this point, I may be just be a voyeur. I do hope I feel better before the Dec. 5 party that Jules/Strictly Spanking NY is hosting. There are a bunch of folks coming in from out of town and I'm really looking forward to seeing them.


Anonymous said...

Glad the surgery is over now/ Wishing you a very speedy recovery and that you can go to Jules' party.


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, Jean. Are you going to be attending? Don't know if we've met ... have we?

sparkle said...

Sandy, I hope you feel better soon. Chris is sacked on the couch, feeling miserable and indulging in movie-watching. But mostly feeling miserable. I hope it's better than that for you!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

How did Chris' surgery go? I'm feeling better than I thought I would, but I definitely have to take it easy. Tell Chris I hope he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon. I love how they call something minor surgery and then you need major pain killers for it! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Oxycodone is a wonderful thing...I just took mine about 5 minutes ago and already feeling relief.

Sorry to hear you had to have surgery as well, and hope you have a speedy recovery.

Mine went fine. It got delayed even longer than expected due to a couple emergency cases needing the theaters (including a C-section), but I finally got in around 9 last night and home just after midnight.

Heal well and quickly!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Iggy -- thanks for your good thoughts. I am very happy that my recovery is already going much better than anticipated.

Chris -- How long will you have to be off work? I am off today and returning to work tomorrow, so I'm thinking this is my last day on the meds unless I'm really desperate. On top of the surgery pain itself, I have a bruise on the back of my right hand -- the anesthesiologist hit an artery on his first attempt to insert the IV catheter -- and I've developed a painful rash under where the (vinyl? plastic?) bandages were. Nasty. But onward and upward. You gotta do what you gotta do and accept certain things. I have a young coworker with cancer, so I can hardly complain about what I had to go through.

Funny Brat Girl's Spanking Adventures said...

Get better soon Sandy!! I can't wait to see you in Dec!!

~maria fbg~