Monday, August 10, 2009

wonderful weekend

I'm facing work today with a pretty good attitude. I just had a superb weekend. Spent Saturday afternoon and evening with some spanking friends at a small get-together in Pennsylvania. There was a pool and it was just warm enough to indulge in an hour or so of splashing around. Our hosts provided a barbecue feast. Ate way too much, and I'll record it in my food log, but I don't care. On top of that, there was enough spanking to keep me happy for a while. Especially from Rad. Our host also provided a toy "feast," and Rad decided he would test drive a nice razor strop on my poor butt. Damn... painful, but invigorating!

Sunday four of us, three scene people and one vanilla, went hiking at a nice spot in North Jersey, a short but very rocky and hilly trail that led to a mountain lake. I love hiking and loved this challenge. It was steep enough in certain areas, with the occasional slippery rock, where I had to search for hand holds to keep from slipping. When we were almost at the lake we discussed swimming. I hadn't brought a bathing suit because I didn't think it would be warm enough to swim. We talked about skinny dipping, but there were others already there, a father, a gang of teenage boys and one girl. My friends said I could just pretend my underwear was a bathing suit. I thought it would be too cold, but others were splashing around in the water and I didn't want to look like a chicken shit.

I did as they suggested and stripped down to bra and panties. I still had faint marks on my thighs from the last time I played, but I think you would have had to be looking for them to see them, let alone recognize what they were. I didn't worry about it. Dipped my feet in the water. It was cold, but nowhere near as cold as I'd expected. I took the plunge and dove in. Wow, not bad! Very refreshing.

We swam across the lake to where there were little cliffs. The kids were climbing up and jumping back into the water off a 20-foot cliff. I climbed up (rather difficult in bare feet, but I managed). Spent just a few minutes looking over the edge, thinking about whether I had the nerve. I realized rather quickly that I didn't, at least not that day. I told my friend, who was about to jump, that I simply couldn't do it, and I climbed back down. I watched him jump from the water, then I swam back to the other side. I was happy enough that I'd taken the swim and gone all the way across the lake and back -- I didn't need any more challenges that day.

On the hike back to the parking lot, it started to rain so we had more of a treacherous time on some of the rocks. But it was easier getting back, in my opinion. The rain felt good, and I liked the muddiness. Good feeling all around, to be out in nature like that. I don't get that enough.

Well, it's off to work. I'm late again. Will try to write a fantasy later.


Indy said...

That sounds like a totally awesome weekend, Sandy. One day, I'm going to have to get out there when you guys get together like that!

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

That would be really cool. let us know.