Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big news!

The video that I made for Ms. Holly's Southeastern Woodshed is now available for sale at Clips4Sale. If anyone hasn't heard of Ms. Holly, she's an Atlanta-based disciplinarian -- very hot, and extremely tough. My session with her was fairly severe (strapping and caning for half an hour), but you ought to see what she did to her "niece" and her girlfriend, caught "fooling around." And to the naughty schoolgirl ... among others. Download those movies ... uhh ... what am I saying? Download MINE!

I haven't actually seen the movie in its entirety yet. Hope you all like it. And I hope I get to film another one soon.

I also got a sneak peak at Rad's new video with Punished Brats, which arrived in the mail today. Damn, he gets Pixie good with the strap. From the look on her face, I think she "enjoyed" that scene in the way some of us do (hate to take a strapping/love to have been strapped). Rad is a big mean daddy -- or in this case, "uncle." He has some other good scenes. too. I don't know when these clips will be available, but since the movies appear to be edited, I'm assuming fairly soon. Check the Punished Brats sight for updates.

In the meantime, time is ticking away before the SL party. Did NOT manage to get my hair cut, as planned, tonight. Perhaps tomorrow.

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