Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Overdue micro fantasy

I DID start writing this and had MOST of it done on Monday, but didn't have a chance to post it. Very busy. Anyway, enjoy:

After rush hour on Tuesday, the R train to Queens is not crowded. But there are people midway through the car, and at the opposite end from where he and I enter. We head toward a pair of seats. "Don't sit down," he says.

"What? Why?" I ask. But then the look on his face is obvious: He wants to play. I wonder what he's up to. But I smile, willing to play along.

"Because I'm in charge, that's why," he says. " it?" And he emphasizes this by suddenly gripping the back of my neck. He knows that always gets to me. I gasp softly. "Yes. Got it!"

"'Sir'!" he hisses in my ear.

"Got it, Sir." I'm nervous and thrilled simultaneously.

"Both hands on the pole," he says, indicating the horizontal bar over the seats. I grab the bar and he sits in front of me, his legs spread on either side of me. "Lean forward." I obey. I wonder if anyone is paying attention. He places both hands on my boobs, gives them a wide squeeze. His touch, combined with the vibrations of the train, make me moan. The train then sways roughly, and I with it. He grabs the opportunity to pinch my right nipple, hard. My blouse is light and my bra isn't padded so he's able to get a tight grip. I can't scream on the train. I clamp my lips together and close my eyes, trying to accept the pain. "Look at me!" he orders. I open my eyes and try to obey.

The thought enters my head: We aren't doing anything illegal, are we? My eyes are watering from the pain and it gets worse each time the train sways and rocks. He finally releases me, and I gasp with relief. I also glance quickly down the train, checking the others. If they are watching, it's not obvious. He stands up, comes around behind me, then very loudly says, "What color panties are you wearing, young lady?"

Oh, jeez. Now people are looking. I feel my face flush hotly. And then he pulls up my skirt.

My bottom is exposed. As a matter of fact, to answer his question, I am wearing my red nylon bikinis, one of my favorite pairs, and I'd worn them for him. I just didn't realize I'd be showing them off so soon.

"Oh, my!" he says, loudly again. "Look at these slutty panties." I twist my head and look at him, pleading with my eyes. I'm really embarrassed. Is it my imagination, or have those two guys who were halfway down the car suddenly gotten closer?

He tucks my skirt hem into my waist, then sits down again. I've lost my protection and I feel very exposed. But I don't want to be disobedient so I keep my hands on the pole. "Please," I whisper.

"You are pleasing me," he says, grinning.

"We'll get into trouble..."

"Someone will be in trouble, that's for sure."

"This might be illegal!" I finally voice it. Those guys have moved closer, I'm sure of it.

"Well, you should be spanked, then -- wearing slutty panties and breaking the law!" Again, loud enough for everyone to hear. And then to make things worse, he turns and speaks directly at the two guys, who are most definitely watching. "Do you think I should spank this slut right here?" he asks.

Oh, God, no...

They laugh, a little nervously. Finally one of them says, "Sure!" and laughs louder. I'm going to die of humiliation.

"She does need it ..."

Again I whisper, "Please!" But I remain in position, trusting him.

The train is coming toward a station. He stands and pulls my skirt back down into place over my panties. "Oh, darn," he announces. "We'll have to postpone this bad girl's spanking. Here's our stop." It is not our stop, but I am more than grateful for the reprieve.

And as we exit, I'm doubly grateful that our two horny friends don't follow us.

In the station, he slams me up against the wall, kisses me hard and grinds against me. "God, I can't wait to get you home!" he says.

Me either, babe. Me either.


sobergirl77 said...

Dirty perverts. Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW, that was great, my question is, did it really happen? If so kudos to Rad, How exciting!!!!!
hope to see you guys soon

PapaTom said...

What an exciting story - real or fantasy. Very nice. Loved the little details, esp. your view of the rest of the passengers.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, all. No, it did not really happen, but this IS one of my regularly appearing fantasies.