Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm waking up

My brain and my writing fingers have been asleep; a long, long sleep, but I'm hoping they are finally waking up. Certain people feel that I should be punished for this, and perhaps they are right, but not everyone can punish me and if the punishment for not writing isn't going to get me writing, I don't quite see the point. It has to really come from within.

It's like wanting to lose weight or quit smoking. I can go see a disciplinarian for these bad habits, but if I'm not ready to quit, if I'm still active in these habits, the discipline is simply going to make me depressed -- I failed again; time for my paddling.

On the other hand, one gentleman, a switch who lives in Brooklyn, is a published writer and he said he sees some potential in my previous work, some of which WAS published (Why do I have to keep reminding myself of that?). He wants to discipline me PLUS go over my writing and give me some pointers. I think it will be a good thing to do.

On top of the writing, I'm also getting back into physical activity. I'd been slacking off. With spring coming I don't want to keep slacking off. I signed up for an eight-week martial arts/self-defense course at the local community college. Today was my second class and it was fantastic. We did a lot of moves; I really pushed myself hard. The instructor said I was good at getting out of holds, although of course he was holding back. I got to kick, punch, do a strangle hold, wrestle a bit. All lots of fun. It reminded me of wrestling with my brothers when I was younger; got me very energized.

Tomorrow I'll try to write about some of my recent play, which has also been pretty exciting.


Anonymous said...

well welcome back, i've missed you. looking forward to hearing about your scene life, makes me jeoulous, in a good way. Anyway, hope to see you guys soon, triple was wanting to play with you, but he ran out of steam. Good luck with your class.
hugs loretta

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, Loretta. I have to be prepared for "Triple," he really wears me out -- it's hard to play with him AND other people. Tell him to be NICE sometime!!

Will we see you on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
He has what he calls an easy button, just ask to press the easy button, and he will accomodate you. I don't know if we are coming in this weekend, I certainly hope so, whats going on, anything? let me know, maybe we can all meet for dinner before going to the club?, or is there another party happening somewhere? email me or call me. Talk to you soon.
hugs loretta

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

T has an "easy button"? I never knew!