Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chocolate makes things better

I saw these in the store yesterday.
(The press release)

Now, I say, who among us, even if he does not like a Peep (hard as it is to believe, SOME don't), does not like to watch Peeps being microwaved? I swear I knew about this phenomenon LONG before it was on the internet, but I could be wrong; of course I can't prove it.

But who cares who did it first? It's crazy to watch and if you don't let it go too long, the Peep comes out all soft and gooey and you can still eat it, like a marshmallow you just stuck on a stick and held over a campfire. And what did we do with a marshmallow we roasted over a campfire -- that's right (well, at least if you were in the Girl Scouts like I was), we made a S'more out of it. These new chocolate Peeps are just one step closer to S'mores.

For your viewing pleasure, here are several "classic" YouTube videos of things being microwaved.

First, Three Peeps in a Basket:

Next, Skittles in a microwave. Not as action-packed as the first video, but with funny soundtrack)

This one I'd never seen before, I thought it was amazing: This is what happens when you put Ivory Soap in a microwave.

OK. I was sick yesterday. There was no trip to Paddles last night, and, maybe it was sad that I spent the better part of the evening looking up things that people had microwaved. But I did amuse myself. Eventually, I stopped the foolishness and started working on some artwork, some painting. This I will not post pictures of for the moment. Too embarrassing I need a lot more practice.

Today, we're off to Barnes and Noble, where I hope to get back to work on my writing.


Jean said...

lol, yes peeps in a microwave is fun. We did Ivory soap with my class. I've never done skittles/might try that over spring break. You never know what kind of Science lesson I can make out of it,lol.

Caroline Grey said...

Wow! Skittles and soap are new to me as well.

What happens if you microwave one of those new chocolate-covered peeps? Does the peep expand fast enough to crack the chocolate, or does the chocolate melt first?

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Caroline, I would think the chocolate peep in microwave would be a big mess... But it can't hurt to try.

Jean, Life is one big science experiment, isn't it? Until you day you go "Oops -- shouldn't have pushed THAT button."