Sunday, December 6, 2009

SSNY party etc.

I had such a crappy, stressful week that this weekend was sorely (pun intended) needed. We started off with the SSNY party on Friday night at the LGBT center. Another fun party, hosted by Jules, Mike, Mike, and Miranda (and all the elves and other helpers).

I came straight from work, and walking into an already crowded party was rather overwhelming. My apologies to all I was somewhat abrupt with as I tried to acclimate myself. I did already make amends to one top. After working my way through the gauntlet of hellos, I was finally able to hang up my coat, put my baked goods on the table, go to the bathroom to change into party clothes, and finally grab some food from the buffet. I needed food badly, and also needed to sit and relax for just a few minutes. Before I could sit, however, there was one more interruption. "Are you topping or bottoming tonight?" a gentleman asked me.

He didn't know he was the 25th person I'd had to talk to before getting to the table with my food. My response: "I'm eating tonight." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I realized it was a bit rude. As nicely as I could, I then said, "I'm switching -- and let me talk to you in a bit." I sought him out later and apologized for my abruptness.

I never DID get any peace, but that's the price you pay for fame and notoriety, I suppose! The food was yummy. Hope everyone liked my raspberry mini-tarts. I like baking something special for these parties -- not that it was needed; there were massive quantities of food there.

Of course no one wants to hear about food. The play's the thing! I was non-stop. Sorry, it's hard to say "no" when you've only got a few hours. My husband Rad manages much better than I do at kicking back and just talking to people. Thank you to all my wonderful tops! It was good to catch up with (or in some cases, meet for the first time) the out-of-town guests. M&K from Colorado; Sass and HL from Georgia; Phineas and Michael from Texas; Joe & ____ (drawing a blank) from Michigan(?); the beautiful and very strict disciplinarian Miss Chris from Arizona; Stella and Kay from Florida and Delaware (they were running The London Tanners booth because our good friend Ian couldn't make it. We greatly missed you, Ian, and very sorry about the personal situation that caused you to miss the event); Tony from Florida; Brad, Mr. Meanie and Cara Marie from Maryland; and many NJ, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and I don't know where else friends.

I mostly bottomed, but at one point a nice gentleman politely approached me, introduced himself and said he'd like me to top him. He said he'd been trying to get up the nerve to say hello at the last party. When we spoke, I was on my way to play with someone else. But I told him that I was definitely interested, and I would come and get him soon.

A short time later, I scanned the room and found him in a small group, chatting. His girlfriend (wife/date?) was with him. I tapped him on the shoulder. The look he gave me as he turned around and saw me was priceless -- a poignant combination of longing and trepidation ... mmmm. I know that feeling well.

His girlfriend asked if she could watch. "Of course," I said (I love performing!) and she pulled up a chair just outside the cubicle where we were about to play. He and I spoke briefly about what he was looking for, limits, acceptable implements, etc. I could see that a good hard hand spanking was in order at the very least, and although he didn't ask for a strapping specifically, I thought the medium-intensity strap would be good as a follow-up.

I had him stand in front of me. As I like to do, I undid and pulled his trousers down myself. I gave him the courtesy of a warm-up over his briefs, because I don't think he'd played in a little while. Then they came down and the real spanking started.

A good hard hand-spanking can be very satisfying, and he was making all kinds of nice noises of "appreciation." I was appreciating the view, meanwhile -- he had a nice ass. I finally ordered him off my knee and told him to stand in the corner with his hands on his head. I moved the chairs around into position for his strapping. His girlfriend was enjoying the whole show. I told her at one point, "Don't be hesitant to spank him harder, because he really needs it." Then I asked him, "Isn't that true?" Of course he said, "Yes, Ma'am!" Smart boy.

It was very satisfying to give him his licking. A nice, evenly paced strapping, not too hard, not too soft, just enough to get him squirming and wriggling a bit. Mmm.

A good time was had by all ...

I'll write a little later about Saturday. I've already said too much for one blog here.


Indy said...

Oh, that last part was So Very Hot! I showed it to the male half of the couple I play and saw his face flush and his eyebrows go way, way up...

Just sayin.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Thanks, you guys