Monday, December 28, 2009


It's noon already. I have the day off and so far have done nothing more productive than answer emails and read stuff online.

Basket of laundry is ready to go. Have to put ribs in the slow cooker for later. Have to take a walk, do a workout, go shopping ... have a business meeting to go to later.

Just heard my brother's wife's mother passed away over the weekend AND my sister's husband's mother as well. OMG. Both had been sick for a long time, but this is sad. Will get cards at the store when I go.

Hope I can get my act together soon. I've eaten way too much sugar this holiday season. I can still fit in my clothes, but I better nip this in the bud. Beyond how my body looks and whether or not I'm gaining weight, it makes me feel depressed and I don't want to do anything. No motivation.

Since I'll be going back to work tomorrow after five days off, I better be prepared and have energy for what will be a LOT of catching up. So -- healthy lunch and dinner today; no more snacking, nothing after dinner tonight.

I have already asked Rad to "deal with me" for these misdeeds. We may have some time later.


Jean said...

Sandy, It's good to have time off. Yeah, I know the feeling of should be getting stuff done, but.... lol
Hope you got the energy to get everything done before having to go back to work.

Richard Windsor said...

Hi Sandy,

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Richard Windsor.

sarah thorne said...

I think we all eat a bit too much at the holidays! I will be starting back up on my normal exercise routine this week that was suspended around Thanksgiving due to preparations needed for the holidays in which we travel a lot and also host people in our home, plus the kids being out of school.

Thank goodness i still fit into my clothes too!!! :)

Robert said...

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