Sunday, July 26, 2009

This doesn't count

I want to blog, I want to write, my "writer's block" is only a synonym for "disorganization," "overbooking," and "fucking wasting time on other things that seem really important at the moment but in retrospect are bullshit."

Pardon my potty mouth.

I have a short story that's been sitting on my computer for, oh, I don't know -- three months now? Four? Six? Mike and Bill both claim the right to punish me for my procrastination -- who will get to me first? And it's practically done except for the sex scene, and I do believe this one needs a sex scene. Now, I think my writer's block is real in this case; I am not certain at all about how this one should go.

But it's okay, it's all good ... LOL. I'll keep pushing forward and doing the same b.s. texting and Tweeting (oh, God, I have become the same asshole I used to hate -- walking down the street texting. How did I sink so low?)

Thank god Rad pushed me to go to Paddles on Saturday night. I was in a bad mood and I needed to take it out on some willing victims and then have it taken out on MY ASS (and I did, and it was). Lame-ass "slave auction" with much pity-bidding going on and dubious amounts of money offered. I bought my own husband, who gave me a good strapping, because that's what his owner needed ... but as a result of my reckless bidding I found myself with four male bottoms who needed to be spanked. Well, let's go, fellas, form a line... and then there was Emily, bratting, whom I had no choice but to haul over my knee as well...

As it turned out, I DID enjoy playing with all of them. Three of the guys were new to me; the fourth was a sub I play with often at the club. The last one I played with for the night was a personable guy, "J.," who took a hard spanking but didn't take it easily -- he struggled and gave great feedback. I love hearing a reaction. It IS supposed to hurt, right?

Today I forced myself back into the city to attend a "Ladies' Tea" on the Upper West Side. We enjoyed little sandwiches, tiny scones, homemade jam and delicious cookies. And the conversation was nice, as well. Most of these women are involved with TES and attend local events. I really do want to be more "in" the community, and I'm making progress. Hope to get together with them again soon.

Tonight's lightning storm seems to have subsided. I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago, pushed it to 9:30, and here it is 10 p.m. -- scratch that; it's now almost 10:30 -- and it's time. But I simply HAD to get something written tonight, even if it's not a real blog.

I may begin to do more writing challenges, inspired by fellow NY spankee Casey Morgan, who in turn was inspired by yet another blogger, Sweltering Celt. who created "Microfantasy Monday." (See explanation of that here.) The theme for tomorrow is "teacher." Casey also offers us writing challenges on Wednesdays (Midweek Missed Connections) and Flash Fiction Fridays, where the challenge is to write a 250-word story, starting any time on Friday and finishing by 6 p.m. Saturday.

But I'll start with Monday's challenge and deal with the rest of the week later. Now, if I can't write a fantasy about a teacher, then start shoveling dirt on me, because I'm done. Being spanked in a school room is my default getting off fantasy when other scenarios aren't cutting it (thanks for sharing).

OK, good night. Look for a "real" blog tomorrow.


Casey Morgan said...

Well, as someone suffering a lot from blockage with big writing projects, I highly recommend the low-stakes micro/flash events. You can dash them off in 15 minutes usually, and then you get the pleasure of having made something. Speaking for myself, they're best when not over-contemplated. I think of it as CPR. :-) Ang, by the way, encourages us to be *very* micro. So you could phone it in - literally. lol!

ginger said...

heh - I have a few stories that have been on the shelf for a few years now. :( One that is only ONE chapter short of being finished (perhaps two) yet I stopped writing about 2004. I hate the kind of writer's block that takes away your interest in one kind of writing, only to pursue a different kind.

It really sucks, too, cuz I have a few storylines that haven't made it down on paper. Do you ever lie in bed at night and 'write' the scenarios and dialogue in your head perfectly for stories, yet not be able to retrieve it when it comes time to write/type it?


Hopefully someone will motivate you to finish. Nothing like lighting a fire on your ass....literally!!


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Casey: I agree about not over-contemplating something. That's one of the banes of my existence...

Ginger: I do keep a little notebook and even a book light in my night stand in case something comes to me that I MUST write down. I HAVE used it, but it hasn't been that often.

ginger said...

I used to do that as a tween and teen, write down my dreams or whatnot. I find that if I get up to write down the scenario and dialogue as it plays out in my head that it interrupts it. :(